Monday, January 19, 2009

Felix Fermín won't coach Aguilas Cibaeñas again

Please pay attention carefully to this pic, Felix Fermin who won 5 championship with dominican baseball team Aguilas Cibaeñas said in an recent interview that he won't lead this team again.
"I hope that whoever replaces me to overcome the work I've done with Aguilas Cibaeñas".
"I prepare to return to directing in Monterrey in the summer and there I will decide if I stay there in the winter, directing or return home to rest for at least a year, I believe that I deserve one" said Fermin.
Aguilas Cibaeñas came into the game yesterday with the worst record in the Round Robin, 2-15, so it appears that the team should go to a restructuring. (Source: El Caribe)

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