Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dominican Republic won USA at NORCECA

BAYAMON, Puerto Rico, September 26, 2009 - Dominican Republic survived a five-part dramatic encounter against advancing U.S. to meet gold medal in the NORCECA Women's Continental Championship. The match lasted 2 hours and 5 minutes and finished 21-25, 26-24, 10-25, 25-20, 21-19. The victory ensures the Dominican Republic for his best result of living in the regional competition after winning the bronze medal in the last four editions and in five of the past six. (El Nuevo Diario)

Ex-Phillie star Dykstra is broke

Hey Lenny, where is the money?

NEW YORK. Lenny Dykstra's fall from the top of the business world has led to land at a sale in Beverly Hills, where a Japanese television network was able to record it.

Dykstra, who was declared bankrupt in July, was seen in a video delivered his most prized possession of baseball to be eventually sold at auction. Dykstra has been forced to part with his World Series ring he won with 1986 New York Mets, signed the ball he hit in the third game of the NLCS National League in 1986 against the Astros, a championship trophy, the 1993 ring ring as champions with the Phillies and other memorabilia.

The articles are scheduled to go to auction on first and second of October in Heritage Auctions Company Inc, based in Dallas, Texas. It is expected that World Series ring and trophy is sold at about U.S. $ 20 billion each.

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"Niño" Torres got hat trick

Fernando Torres

Fernando Torres, Liverpool's Spanish international striker, signed one of his best games since coming to England to assist with a hat-trick and move into the lead gunners classification with eight goals.
He took a real concert at Anfield, scoring the first three goals of his team, which makes him top scorer in the Premier League with eight goals in seven games.

The spate of El Niño has led him to score five goals in the last two games, doubled at Upton Park against West Ham (2-3), and 'hat-trick at Anfield to Hull City (6-1).

It is the fourth time that Torres gets scoring three goals in a game since joining Liverpool. He has won three times in league competition, at Middlesbrough, West Ham and Hull, and once against Reading in the Carling Cup

In Saturday's match marked the first at Hull at twelve minutes after pass from Albert Riera as he crossed the ball to the exit of Myhill, Hull City goalkeeper.

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Benzema is not worried about Real Madrid

Karim Benzema scored two goals today

PARIS - The French player of Real Madrid on Saturday Karim Benzema says L'Equipe sports daily he was not worried at being left on the bench in two of five league games played so far.

The striker admits that the white coach Manuel Pellegrini had warned him he would "rotate" to "neogalácticos" and that he still has to prove their league game.

"If Real is going away in all competitions, would achieve the seventy-season games. It is clear that if I stayed on the bench for several games in a row I would worry," added Benzema.

"But, frankly, is not the case," topped the player, who ten days ago said that he "would make a huge illusion lift the Champions" on his new team and in an edition whose finals will be held at the Bernabeu.

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Maradona is back for Ghana

Diego Maradona

Diego Maradona- Argentina Soccer Team´s coach- released a list of 19 players who will face Ghana on Wednesday at the Olympic Stadium in Cordoba.
For that coach quoted friendly players acting alone in the country, including veterans stand Ariel Ortega, Martin Palermo.
The summoned are these: Ignacio Canuto Matias Hauche Caruzzo and Gabriel (Argentinos Juniors), Cristian Campestrini (Arsenal), Luis Rodríguez (Atlético Tucumán), Fabian Monzon, Federico Insua and Marin Palermo (Boca Juniors), Diego Pozo and Esteban Fuertes ( Colón), Enzo Perez and Rodrigo Brana (Estudiantes), Mario Bolatti (Huracán), Leonel Vangioni, Rolando Schiavi and Juan Manuel Insaurralde (Newell's), Cristian Villagra and Ariel Ortega (River), and Jesús Méndez (Rosario Central). The invited players will join the training at Ezeiza premises on Monday at 16 and remain focused for the game against the Africans.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Russian Bought Nets

Mikhail Prokhorov, considered until now the richest man in Russia, closed on Wednesday a transaction to purchase the New Jersey Nets team, the city's franchise in the NBA basketball.

The millionaire tycoon also invest in urban development projects such as the upgrade of the Atlantic Yards in Brooklyn, which includes the construction of the new stadium of that team.

Onexim Economic Group, which manages the Russian billionaire, said he agreed with the developer Bruce Ratner and the Nets for both investments.

Prokhorov will table $ 200 million in Atlantic Yard plan covering 22 acres of residential and commercial. Also in the Barclay Center, future home of the Nets and will own 80% of the NBA team.

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Lula and Obama want Olympics

The presidents of Brazil and the United States and the president of the Community of Madrid, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, Barack Obama, and Esperanza Aguirre, respectively, have joined with great fervor in those days, the crude campaign to win the seat Olympic Games 2016.

Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva Tuesday defended the candidacy of Rio de Janeiro to host the 2016 Olympics and said that no country needs them more than Brazil.

Lula said his is the only nation among the 10 leading economies in the world who has never ridden the Olympics, saying that because Brazil will host the World Cup in 2014, Rio would be more than two years after listing.

"For others, would be only other Olympics, but for Brazil would be something to raise people's self esteem," said Lula, the first Brazilian president from the working class. "No other city needs to organize the Olympics. Brazil needs it.

Meanwhile, Esperanza Aguirre, president of the Community of Madrid, said today that during his official visit to Mexico, between now and next Friday, will use "every opportunity" to build support for Madrid's Olympic bid-2016.

Messi wants to win with Argentina

Who is the real Messi?

BUENOS AIRES - Barcelona striker Lionel Messi Argentina selecting said Tuesday that he would "whatever it took" to pay on the national team just as his club, said her relationship with Diego Maradona is good and dismissed problems within the campus.

"I would pay anything for the way in Barcelona in the selection. When we find the Team Game will be good for me and the team," he told Catalan radio statements reproduced by the site rosario3.

On his performance in Maradona's team warned that "it is difficult to go to selection. "It's different train every day to get together ten or fifteen days and two games. Still looking for team play. The important thing is to classify, be calm, and then prepare themselves well for the World Cup. It takes time and work" .

"Working with Maradona is impressive for the deal it has with the players," Messi said, rejecting any conflicts with the coach, as it had leaked weeks ago.

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Villalona's Lawyer Find him Innocent

Angel Villalona is in jail

La Romana .- Counsel batter Angel Villalona, accused of killing young Felix De Jesus Mario said yesterday that all indications and information they have collected indicate that his client is innocent of the charges against him.

The lawyer Brigido Ruiz, a veteran of many years in the external exercise currently in an investigative stage and in this regard did not want to go into extensive details about the case where Villalona is the main accused.

"The evidence we could gather in relation to this fact points to the innocence of the young Angel Villalona, of which is highly safe," explained the lawyer, minutes after meeting with Villalona, who is imprisoned in the prosecution of this city.

"Things are being managed prudently, there has been much sensationalism in the case, which is always harmful, very harmful, but we are still seeking information in relation to fact," he added.

"An innocent in all instances is acquitted, discharged, and this young man will be one more example of that innocence will prevail over everything," he said.

Villalona is the main accused of murdering the young de Jesus Veleta, 25 during a brawl last Saturday in downtown brewer Tony, as both took shots separately. According to Listin Diario was buried between the two friends had a touch in generating discussion and without many words there was the unfortunate outcome.

Sánchez won in Japan

Félix Sánchez

Dominican runner Felix Sanchez won on Wednesday in the 400 meter hurdles of fair athletic Kawasaki in Japan, his first win since 2007. Sanchez used a time of 48.91 seconds to beat the Japanese Kenji Narisako (49.41) and Naohiro Kawakita (50.01). The Dominican Olympic champion in Athens 2004, is trying to regain his best form after foot surgery. He was eighth in the world which was played in Berlin last August.

"This year has been difficult because I could not find a rhythm, but I'm starting to get my level," said Sanchez. "I have more confidence and I hope this victory will serve me in that aspect."

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dominican Boxer Lorenzo lost fight

Giovanni Lorenzo

German Sebastian Sylvester, who hit a strong right in the face of the Dominican Giovanni Lorenzo, won the IBF middleweight, who vacated his countryman Arthur Abraham, winning on points, on the night of Saturday Neubrandeburgo. Sylvester, 29, took his second chance of winning the title, ten months after its fall to the germanao Felix Sturm for the WBA crown in the category.

Pedro got hurted in Atlanta

Pedro got his 100th lost in MLB

Martinez (5-1) gave up what was his fifth start after three innings, by a stiff neck muscle. The three-time Cy Young Award winner lost 3-0 when warmed to launch the fourth round, but did not have that opportunity, as manager Charlie Manuel brought in Chad Durbin pitching.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Felix Díaz won by KO

Felix Díaz

Miami .- Dominican Olympic champion Felix Diaz made his debut in the U.S. with an impressive knockout that left him very well contributed to the commentators on ESPN, which broadcast the fight.

Diaz, who was the only fighter on the American continent to win a gold medal at the Beijing Olympics, struck three falls in just one minute and 28 seconds to his rival Omar Brown.

Dominican Estrella won at Davis Cup

Victor Estrella

Santo Domingo .-Dominican Victor Estrella was a battle of three hours with the Venezuelan Daniel Vallverdu, who finally settled three sets by one at the first of two matches in the Davis Cup final for the group II American area that is played on the court at Santo Domingo Tennis Club (The Ball).

However, also Jose Ramon Hernandez (El Bebo) impotence wept after losing to the first racket Venezuelan José de Armas, also three sets by one so that the first date of the tie ended tied at one point apiece .

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Di Stefano is Better than Maradona (Pelé Said)

Di Stefano and Maradona

MADRID, Spain - The Brazilian footballer Pele, who was visiting Madrid, said that for him the best player in history has been Alfredo Di Stefano and Diego Maradona "not kicking it with the right and headed goal was not" as well as added that the only important that the Argentine goal scored in this way "was to the hand".

"People argue whether Pele or Maradona. Di Stefano is for me the best, was much more complete. Maradona is a great player but not good with the right kick and headed goal did. The lone goal was scored important head hand, "said Pele in an event organized by Banco Santander.
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Capello will quit coaching after England

Fabio Capello

LONDON - Italian coach Fabio Capello, 63, said Thursday that once his contract ends as driver of the national soccer team of England will leave the technical direction.

"The England manager will be my last coaching job," Capello revealed in statements made to the London newspaper The Sun, which entered the online edition of Spanish sports daily MARCA.

Capello, who was born in the Italian town of San Canzian d'Isonzo on 18 June 1946, directed with great success at Milan, Roma and Juventus in their country, over Real Madrid in Spain and is to lead the team from the English December 14, 2007, with a contract that expires at year's end, albeit with a clause that lets you choose to extend it for two more seasons.
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NBA umpires neglect Offer

(USA, EFE) .- The clash of the referees in the NBA with the League for the negotiation of new collective agreement that remained after colleagues unanimously, 57-0 would vote against the new proposal presented to them by the commissioner's office.

Along with the refusal to the new proposal, the referees said on Thursday that will list them have worked in recent days to give to the league.

The vote came after six hours of discussion at the annual meeting of the NBA referees held in suburban Chicago and in which the main issue was the status of negotiations of new collective agreement to replace the old one, which expired on September 1.

If no agreement is reached in the coming days it seems that the team owners will not allow the referees to work from October 1 when they start warm-up matches of the season.

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Motocycling championship in Santiago

The Winners

Santiago .- Pilots from Santiago Félix José aka. The Destroyer with three leaderships, and Henry "The Indestructible-Lopez, with two stand out among the best in the National Championship sports Kendall Motocycling low lifting capacity following Sunday in Cibao Racing Tracks.

"The Destroyer" Jose leads the categories of 50cc Racing, Racing and Dio 70cc stock, three of the most populous of pilots, while the Indestructible Lopez, who some also nicknamed the amphibian, is first and CG Racing 80cc-125cc .

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Inter and Barsa tied 0-0

Messi and Eto'o didn´t scored

Should be an artillery duel between two of the best 'new' in the world of morbid grief. Ibrahimovic against Eto'o, both facing his former teammates after starring barter summer.c
However, Inter and Barcelona drew 0-0 and Zlatan and Samuel hardly saw them, especially the latter, whose only appearance offense occurred shortly after the end, when he tried to surprise an innocent lack Valdes away.

Cards want Pujols forever

Hey Pal! don´t worry about the money

SAN LUIS .- Albert Pujols will have the opportunity to win three MVP awards in the National League before becoming a free agent, but the St. Louis Cardinals did not want to take unnecessary risks with the great Dominican players.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported Monday remarks by President of the Cardinals, Bill DeWitt, who told a radio program of the city that the club already has approached Pujols to talk about a contract extension.

"Albert has two years left of contract, but we have had conversations with him and his representative, and we know that Albert finished his career as a Cardinal," said DeWitt WXOS the station (101.1 FM).

"He has had an extraordinary career and only has 29 years of age that remains a lot of baseball in the coming years and want to ensure they are in a Cardinals uniform," said DeWitt.

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Pedro will pitch for Licey

Can we believe it?

3 times Cy Young winner dominican pitcher Pedro Martinez said that he will pitch for his dominican baseball team - Champions Tigres del Licey - during next season.

"I will pitch with the Licey this year. If I have time and health I will mainly because this will make a short season for me," Martinez said Monday on the Morning Sports program broadcast by the Dominican radiostation CDN Radio 92.5 FM .
"It will be a great honor to pitch my people and that children see me throw in the final years of my career," said the three-time winner of Cy Young.
Martinez last pitched in the Dominican Republic with Licey in the 1994-95 season. That year also participated in the Caribbean Series, as reinforcement of the Azucareros del Este.
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Ronaldo scored Two Goals in Champion League

Cristiano Ronaldo

LONDON. AP. Real Madrid suffered on Tuesday to beat an opponent who takes advantage of the difference of talent and budget, while Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Chelsea and Milan achieved victories to start the group stage of the Champions League.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored two goals from free kick from goalkeeper Johnny Leoni aid in the triumph of 5.2 on the Zurich Madrid, United beat Besiktas 1-0, thrashed Bayern Munich 3-0 Maccabi Haifa beat AC Milan 2 -- 1 on the Marseille and Chelsea beat Porto 1-0.
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Guardiola have good words for Eto´o, Morinho and Inter

Josep Guardiola

MADRID - Barcelona coach, Josep Guardiola, made clear, in his appearance before the media before the game tomorrow against Inter Milan, that his intention is to avoid any controversy as to who was their player until last season, Samuel Eto'o, as with his counterpart on the sidelines Italian, Portuguese José Mourinho.

Eto'o, who opened the doors of the institution Barca by a lack of 'feeling', said he expected "healthy" and would like to "thank him" for his five seasons as Barcelona, which he described as "gift" .

Josep Guardiola denied that the knowledge he has about the player to make easier the work of the brakes. "When you have great players across the difficulties are always around corners, so you can not ever be distracted," he said.

Guardiola did not ignore the substitute for Samuel Eto'o at Barcelona, Sweden's Zlatan Ibrahimovic, which like "mentality, always wanting to give more."

"Ibrahimovic is becoming better integrated and are confident that with its quality, to give us a lot. I hope he gives his best and, if so far has not won the Champions League, the blame can not be his alone, is the whole group that you have for achieving certain results, "Guardiola said the former Inter player.

On the turn for José Mourinho, the catalan coachf explained that to him, is "an honor" to face a coach, "the prestige" of the Portuguese, "who has won in three different countries".

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Maradona getting thinner in Italy

This time n0 hand can save Argentina

BUENOS AIRES - A luxurious and neoclassic style palace with its huge windows looking to the Alps is home to Diego Maradona and his partner in these early days of slimming cure.

The Palace Henri Chenot, who spoke a day spa Alfredo Cahe, Maradona's personal physician, presents stunning in its website.

According to announcements of Cahe, Maradona will undergo a comprehensive health cure, priced at 2,500 euros and lasts a week (seven nights and six days)

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Bojan won't play Sub 20

Bojan is a future Barcelona's star

MADRID, Spain - Bojan Krcic, Barcelona striker was presented at the headquarters of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) with a medical report, that after being examined by the coaching staff, will prevent him from playing Under-20 World Cup to be held in Egypt September 24 to October 16.

Bojan was injured in the league opener on Aug. 31 when he suffered against Sporting de Gijón a break in the adductor muscle through his left leg. It has not yet reappeared with Barcelona and could not play for Sub'21 in Poland.

Although originally Bojan recovery is estimated to within a week, could be ready for competition matches, the coaching staff headed by Luis Milla have agreed not to risk with a player who returned home early in the afternoon.

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Serena was fined with US$10,000.00

Serena insulted a judge

NEW YORK. Serena Williams was fined U.S. $ 10,500 for his "unsportsmanlike conduct" in the semi-final meeting with Belgian Kim Clijsters, in which besides throwing the racket, threatened a linesman in the final stretch of mourning. It also opened an investigation to determine whether the player's behavior can be considered a serious offense and you could lose U.S. $ 350,000 he earned in the tournament and banned from participating in future Grand Slams.

Williams, when he was behind on the scoreboard before Clijsters 6-5, after losing the first set, the linesman Engzell Louise pointed to a lack of standing on his second serve, which involved double fault and two match points for Clijsters . Williams, with his racket pointing at the judge threatened her with a "I'll kill you", he confessed the linesman the referee.

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Venezuela is ready for Dominican Republica in Davis Cup Finals

Davis Cup

Venezuela defined the team of four players that will face the Dominican Republic in Santo Domingo next weekend (18.19 and 20), in the final for the Group II Davis Cup American Zone.

The number one local, Jose Antonio De Armas, Daniel Vallverdu, Piero Luisi and Miguel Cicenia, stayed for about three weeks training in Miami, Florida, were confirmed for the series against the Dominicans by Captain Nicholas 'Nico' Pereira.

De Armas, who ranks 292 of the world, faced the Dominican Republic Victor Estrella in the Challenger of Bucaramanga, Colombia, in January, with victory for the Dominican, 6-3, 6-4. While Luisi defeated future star in a tournament in Venezuela in 2007 by 7-5 6-4.

Vallverdú is ranked 1.073 ,Luisi 634 and Cicenia 793. The Dominican squad the complete Jhonson Garcia, Luis Delgado and Jose "Bebo" Hernandez.

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Panamerican Cycling will host 60 countries

Dominican Cycling

Over 60 riders from all of several countries have confirmed their participation in the Pan American Cycling Championships Master Santo Domingo 2009.

The event, which will take place in the country from 1 to 9 November next, will have a payroll that exceeds 500 participants from domestic and foreign competitors.

In the fourth panel of work done to assess the preparations were found to continue to grow those interested in participating in the fair which will take place in the track mode and route.

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Pedro got fith win

Pedro is 5-0 with Phillie

Dominican hurler Pedro Martínez last night saw another sally of high-quality pitching eight scoreless innings and leading the Phillies to a 1-0 victory over the New York Mets. The hander, during his performance, which conducted 130 pitches, allowed six hits and struck out seven opponents, plus two walks grant to be credited his fifth win of the season undefeated.
Phillies have won seven games in which Martinez has been the starter.
Ryan Madson saved the game.
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USA Won Dominican Republic in Volleyball

LIMA, Peru .- U.S. offensive withstood the pressure and beat Dominican Republic 3-1 to ensure their progress to the final match of the Second Cup Women's Volleyball Final Four.

Both sets had a thrilling game that raised more than one occasion to the fans at the Coliseum Dibós Peruvian. All partials were fought after the Americans dominating 2-1, seemed to be carried unhurried fourth sleeve with a lead of 20.12.

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