Saturday, October 17, 2009

Maradona will have a "serious" conversation with Messi

Hey Messi what is happening?

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina - Argentina's sccer coach, Diego Maradona said he will "talk seriously" with the Barcelona striker Lionel Messi because he said, "has to take off once and for all" in the albiceleste team.

"We have the best player in the world, we give freedom to move in the countryside, where he has the ball and stacked three or four rivals with Barca" and "That's got to prove to us," said the coach told the TV Channel 7 Buenos Aires.

"With the selection, it costs a lot. Hopefully we can soon talk about it," said Maradona in Argentinos Juniors Stadium, where he witnessed the match with Racing the ninth day of Argentine soccer.

The selection won the classification to Argentina 2010 World Cup last Wednesday on the final day of the South American qualifiers, by beating Uruguay 0-1 in Montevideo.

Before the match which Argentina won against Peru (2-1) in Buenos Aires a week ago, Maradona said: "Messi is going to wait forever" because "the big challenge is ours, is the ace of spades".

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

National Dominican Basket team spent US$200.000

The president of the Dominican Federation of Basketball, Frank Herasme said yesterday specific data on costs incurred in the recently completed Pre-World Tournament and said come "profound changes" in that sense.

"It is not possible to have invested about 200 thousand dollars in per diem payments and compensation to the players," energetic around. He did not elaborate.

He said that "he who does not want to play for love of country, then he may not be in the nation overall," the federal leader.

And reloading, saying: "The level of selection basket is not a job, a player must defend the national colors.

The report. Herasme said that next week to deliver SEDEFIR settlements and an economic report. "Yesterday was sent to bindery to deliver all the originals to the authorities," he insisted.

He said he also sent the packet of two volumes on the Olympic Committee and the Chamber of Auditors.

"There was a delay because Matthew, our accountant, suffered a health setback and thankfully is recovering," he added.

Shaq and Lebron will play together

Shaq and Lebron

Cleveland .- The pairing of the stars LeBron James and Shaquille O'Neal began his new journey in the NBA with a hard victory for his team, the Cleveland Cavaliers by 92-87 against the Charlotte Bobcats.

In the match was not a great spectator sport, but the ingredients for the Cavaliers to fight for what may be the first national title in a professional club in the city of Cleveland since 1964.

It also found that, at least, both have more fun than anyone when they are together in the field, that convey joy to followers of the Cavaliers.

James scored 15 points after guessing 5 of 7 shots from the field in the 14 minutes he was on the field. while O'Neal had six points, three rebounds and a stopper in the 15 minutes that saw action.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"Maravilla" and "David B" won

Maravilla Horse
The filly La Maravilla and horse Commander David B., won yesterday in her first performances at the Hippodrome V Centenario, in the midst of a billboard where no major surprises in the pool was paid RD $ 2234.50, plus parts of five, whose payment was RD $ 106.75 per share.
The winners play good for the pool wed=re Canquiña (10 in the first, Puerto Pride (3) in the second, Lady A. (4) in the third, The Wonder (3) in the fourth, Major David B. (2 ) in the fifth and Transcryptor (6) in the sixth.
Triumphs of the wonder and Commander David went from end to end without discussion the first under penalty of Henry Castle (1:10 2 / 5 for 1,200 meters) and the second with Francisco Cabrera in the chair, stopping the clock in 1:05 2 / 5 to 1,100 meters. The maid at Rancho San Antonio, daughter Olivia Grace Three in Gonder, is coached by Juan Jimenez advised by Eugenio Deschamps, while Commander David B. was imported by David Barranco, owner of the barn Nani B.

Payano will go Pro

Juan Carlos Payano is a national hero
Juan Carlos Payano and other top fighters, members of the National Team would be contemplating making the leap to professionalism.
Payano, a leading figure of amateur boxing in recent years and Claudio Marrero, have advanced negotiations with domestic and foreign promoters in the direction of abandoning the national squad to go to boxing's pay.
Both fighters, according to one source, had raised the goal to participate in World Boxing, recently held in Milan, Italy, before getting into professionalism.
"Both Payano and Marrero have offers, they are studying and is likely in the coming days take the decision to go to professionalism," the source said. Another would not rule out the possibility of going to professionalism is Roberto Navarro, it was reported.
Navarro Payano and represented the country at the Beijing Olympics and both were in the World Cup in Milan. Marrero, silver medalist at the Pan American Games in Rio, also competed in Milan, although he could not make the team for the Olympics.
Payano has been one of the most successful boxers in recent years with the national team. He earned silver at the Pan American Games in Rio and was gold medalist at major international events.

Pujols was not the same

Pujols lost his power bat during september
St. Louis .- When less than a month left in the regular season on Albert Pujols' accumulated enough runs to win his first title runs. Just enough, as was the end for the slugger.
Have gone 79 at-bats, the longest drought of his career full of awards, since hitting home runs 46 and 47 in Milwaukee on Sept. 9.
Pujols did not want to hear anything about it and insists he is 100 percent ready to play in the playoffs.
"I feel good. I feel really good, "Pujols said after going 5-1 in his match Sunday, the last of the regular season.
However, his antics are not quite good especially for a player who could be on its way towards the conquest of his third MVP award in the National League.
Pujols led the majors in slugging percentage for the third consecutive season, finished behind fellow Hanley Ramirez in the competition for the best batting average to .327 and was third with 135 RBIs.
Pujols suggested that the drought could be due to a statistical anomaly and said that when his postseason starts today in Los Angeles, will be ready for the usual one.

Quisqueya Stadium is a mess

Brigades of workers from the Ministry of Public Works and the National District City Council yesterday began a cleanup day throughout the Quisqueya stadium environment that looks dirty, ugly and neglected.
Quisqueya Stadium is where dominican baseball teams Tigres del Licey and Leones del Escogido play.
Workers seek clear bush, garbage, sewage sludge and other debris across the front that looked deserted yesterday and very dirty.
This contrasts with the interior of the main baseball stadium in the country, whose terrain looks good conditioning and repair workers were hints of some seats damaged, others were preparing to paint the walls and still others took to the field maintenance. "About 40 employees work on the outside to clean everything," said Roberto Bejarano, Quisqueya stadium manager.
He said the clubhouses and other areas are "in perfect condition.

Ronaldo will play with Portugal?

Ronaldo couldn't play in Real Madrid's loss
LISBON, Portugal - Portugal's coach Carlos Queiroz said he hopes to have the Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo to build a team "strong" and beat Hungary on Saturday, in game valid for the 2010 World Cup.
"The stadium will be full, let's take the number one to our fans, we will build a strong team with Liedson, Cristiano Ronaldo and all the others, and we win," he assured Queiroz, who asked a whole " spirit of sacrifice. " Saturday's encounter against the Magyar selection and appointment to Malta on 14 October, are crucial to Portugal so that the technician said that nerves and pressure are not factors that destabilize their players, some of them s

Raúl said Real Madrid will play better

MADRID - Raul Gonzalez Blanco, captain of Real Madrid, praised the early season of his team as "very positive" because, in his view, "there is nothing better than good results," and stated that "good game will come with time.
"We have started a new project. There are many people who has joined the one to integrate within the group, and a new coach with new ideas, and I think you can not ask more," said the striker in an interview with the television network CNN on Wednesday published the official website of Real Madrid.
The player also spoke of "a lot of enthusiasm and optimism" in the club. "There are a large group of people and football," he said. Similarly, the Madrid player said that after a cycle "very bad in that he has not fought for a title, his team wants to" regain prestige in Europe, "said the Champions League as the competition where he and his companions try "to give maximum performance."

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