Thursday, December 30, 2010

Villanueva is OK with Celtics Garnett

Charlie Villanueva and Kevin Garnett

NBA Charlie Villanueva insisted Wednesday he has left behind the conflict that occurred with Kevin Garnett.

The Dominican-American said shortly before Wednesday's game does not feel anything special for face again Garnett and the Celtics. The Detroit forward  view that it was just "one more game. "

After falling on November 2 against the Celtics, Villanueva complained in Twitter that Garnett had called him "cancer patient" during the game in which Boston won by 109-86.  

Garnett denied that version and said he had only said that Villanueva was "a cancer on his team and the league. "

It was the first game between both teams since that dispute. Both coaches declined to be concerned about the possibility of friction arising between the two players.

There was no time for problems to arise, since Garnett was injured.

Had to leave the game with a right leg injury after falling ill during a dunk in the first period.

Garnett grimaced in pain after dumping the ball into the hoop. Immediately after, he began to limp. Came to midfield before a foul to stop the game.

Fell for a moment and seemed to feel much pain on rising. Even covered her face with her hands. Could leave the court, but well when he limped to the locker room.

Garnett, 34, underwent an X-ray, which ruled out a fracture.

In May 2009, Garnett underwent right knee surgery after missing all of the playoffs. He played just 57 matches this year, which limited the possibilities for Boston to win a second consecutive title.

Guillen's Son Against Reliever Jenks

Bobby Jenks
Oney,White Sox's son manager Ozzie Guillen lashed out at Bobby Jenks after Chicago's closer criticized his father.

Jenks, who last week signed a two-year contract with Boston Red Sox, told the website of Major League Baseball who was disappointed when the White Sox decided not to give a renewal.

    The pitcher said that now "I'm excited to play with a manager who does know how to drive a bullpen. "

    Oney Guillen Jenks branded as ungrateful in a series of messages in his Twitter account . In one of them wrote that Jenks "began to mourn the manager's office because he had problems (and) now speak of the salts (medium) even when the White Sox protected you for seven years. "

    In March, Oney Guillen gave up a position in the department of White Sox scouts, after the club was upset with some of his tweets. He had previously posted messages critical of general manager Ken Williams White Sox.

AC Milan Ask for 8 millions for Ronaldinho


The Italian Soccer club AC Milan Brazilian asked to Gremio of Porto Alegre to pay eight million euros to approve the transfer of Ronaldinho.

"For Ronaldinho (Gaucho) exit (Italy), someone must meet what Milan has to pay, " Assis said the former player after a meeting in Rio de Janeiro with the Italian club's vice president, Adriano Galliani.

Assis said the 8 million euros correspond to what the Milan Ronaldinho must pay through the end of his contract in June 2011.

In addition, the Milan wants a written guarantee that Guild will pay to avoid prosecution.

Guild initially expected a free release and offered him a four-year contract, but now football consultant, Cidade Cesar Dias believes the requirement Milanese "very difficult" negotiations. According to Assis, clubs in Spain, the United States and Britain are interested in signing the player, whom Guild wanted to find the title of the Copa Libertadores 2011. Palmeiras and Flamengo also sought the loan.

NFL Star Frave Fined

Brett Favre

The NFL fined $ 50,000 for Brett Favre for "not cooperating" with the investigation into allegations that he sent inappropriate messages and obscene pictures to a host of former New York Jets.

The league announced Wednesday that commissioner Roger Goodell "could not be sure" that Favre broke the rules of conduct based on the evidence it had on hand.

The NFL statement said Goodell also determined that Favre "was not free in many aspects during the investigation, which resulted in a more prolonged and additional negative attention Favre (Jenn) Sterger and the NFL. "

The league's investigation began in October. Two years ago, Favre reportedly sent text messages and pictures of Jenn Sterger when both were with the Jets in 2008. The allegations against 41-year quarterback, now with the Minnesota Vikings, were reported by Deadspin, an Internet site. One of the private parts fotosmuestra purportedly from Favre.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

New York Yankees in Talks with Manny Ramirez

 A-Rod and Manny Ramirez

The possibility that the Dominican superstar Manny Ramirez to play with the New York Yankees next season are real.

The Bombers are looking for a strong bat for filling the DH Spot along with Jorge Posada.
Ramirez has played 18 seasons in the MLB with the Cleveland Indians, Boston Red Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers and Chicago White Sox.

His best season was in Cleveland was 1999, when he batted .333 with 44 homers and drove in 165 runs.

In 2000, he moved to Boston where he made history, as it is fundamental to the Red Sox in 2004 succeeded in breaking the "Curse of the Bambino" by winning the World Series in 80 years.

In 2007, he returned to taste the honey of victory, leading Boston to win their second World Series in four seasons.

A year later he had problems with management and was traded to the middle of the year to the Dodgers. From there he went to the White Sox, where they had a good job.

Kaka back to Real Madrid in January 2011

Soccer Brazilian star Kaka would return to the game on 3 January, as it is fully recovered from his knee injury after the operation which was conducted in August. All await the return of the Real Madrid's player and the resumption of the League, he could play during the game between Real Madrid and Getafe.

Kaka did not travel to Brazil for Christmas, he prepares every day in Madrid to get well physically. On December 18 he returned to train with the rest of his partners, and had trained enough to return to the high competition. The midfielder has not played in an official capacity since July 2.

Licey and Aguilas Out of Dominican Baseball


Dominican Baseball teams Tigres del Licey and Aguilas Cibaenas, who combined for 40 of the 56 titles in the professional baseball tournament will not be in the Second Round of the baseball event.

It is the first time since it was implemented the expansion in the 1983-84 season that the two most popular dominican baseball teams are discarded in the same regular season.

The Tigres (17-32) were in the fight in the first weeks, but a seven-game losing streaks, two of six and another five did not allow the glorious team  to keep pace with their opponents.

A change of manager (Brian Harper by Dave Clark) was not enough for the Blues back on track for success.

A poor defense combined with a poor performance from their starting pitching and some timely offense were the factors that influenced the disqualification of Licey, which ranked last in the standings by
the ninth time in history.

Aguilas del Cibao  (24-25) began losing seven of their first nine games (2-7), but as  November 14 began a recovery that kept them in contention to enter the All Against All until the last day.

Lebron James Defeated Kobe Bryant at Staples Center

Kobe Bryant and Lebron James
Forward LeBron James, for the second consecutive season, arrived at Staples Center in Los Angeles to become the great figure of the NBA's Christmas Day, but this time he did as the new star of the Miami Heat who won 80-96 to Lakers, champions league.

James, who was criticized for having left the Cleveland Cavaliers to join the NBA stars, the power forward Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade, managed a triple-double of 27 points, including a new individual mark so far this season five triples, with 11 rebounds and 10 assists.

"We did not leave the camp to leave messages for anyone in particular, just want to prove ourselves as players we can achieve the highest level, "said James, who scored his third triple-double of the season and the number 31 as a professional. "We are very happy for the victory and have been better. "

As for the marking that he had suffered hard from the forward Ron Artest and dialectical exchange with the guard Kobe Bryant,  James simply said they had asked the two who had been the gift they received for Christmas.

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