Monday, May 31, 2010

Driver has surgery after horrific Indy crash


IndyCar driver Mike Conway is recovering after undergoing surgery to repair his broken left leg from Sunday's horrific crash in the Indianapolis 500.

A spokeswoman for Conway's racing team also says Monday he has been diagnosed with a broken bone in his back.

The original announcement did not include the compression fracture in his back. Team officials have not said how many races Conway could miss for his Dreyer & Reinbold team.

Conway was injured on Lap 199 when Ryan Hunter-Reay's car was low on fuel and sputtered. Conway was going about 220 mph through the short chute between turns three and four, and couldn't avoid running into Hunter-Reay.

The contact sent Conway airborne and broke his car into two big pieces.

Lima is Buried in Santiago

Santiago's people took to the streets to say their last goodbye to the former pitcher Jose Lima, who died last Sunday in Los Angeles, California.

Hundreds of people of all ages took part in an unusual funeral procession that traveled from downtown to Las Charcas, suburban community south of the province, which is normally a relatively short trip, extended hours to four hours and 35 minutes.

The long train to lead her to her grave Lima, who earlier on Saturday he made a farewell ceremony in the stadium multudinario Cibao, left at 11 am from the funeral Blandino, causing a lump in the center of the city and one in the bridge brothers Patino.

The corpse was taken to Lima San Isidro Church, Las Charcas, where Father Pedro Pablo officiated the funeral mass in a room for 200 people, which was small for the crowd. "It will always be Lima Time", "Lima always remember you", "Lima you have not died, lives in my heart," among other phrases were placed in vehicles and posters on the walls and cruzacalles.

The former player was with the blessing of the priest, but was necessary to expose the coffin for the community to see him, while several people fell into a trance with grief.

Take him to the cemetery, where it would be buried 500 meters from the church, was difficult.

Then the coffin was difficult to get into the vault and had to be shrinking, until finally at 3:35, with the song "When a friend leaves" leaving silent gorges, and let out just screams and sobs, former baseball player Jose Lima closed the chapter of his earthly sojourn.

25 Baseball Legends Elected to Hall of Fame

The baseball stars Juan Marichal and Felipe Rojas Alou led to 25 former baseball players who were inducted into the Hall of Fame's Latino for a solemn ceremony in the amphitheater at Altos de Chavon, La Romana.

The activity was attended by President Leonel Fernandez, who highlighted the work of pioneers of baseball that made the now immortal.

In addition to Alou and Marichal, were installed in the immortality of Luis Aparicio, Rod Carew, Orlando Cepeda, Roberto Clemente, dihydro Martín, José de la Caridad Méndez, Tony Perez, Cristobal Torriente, Alejandro Pompez, Buck Canel, Jaime Jarrin, Felo Ramirez Peter O'Malley, Pancho Coimbre, Beto Avila, Orestes Minoso and Chico Carrasquel.

Also Tetelo Vargas, Luis Maduro, Roberto Alomar, Hector Espino, Camilo Pascual and Dave Concepcion.

During the ceremony, Felipe Alou, who received a standing ovation to ascend to the central platform to be exalted, discussed his start in professional baseball.

He recalled the great sacrifices that his mother had to do for him and his two brothers (Jesus and Matthew) could go to the ballpark to play the sport they chose.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Halladay Pitched Perfect Game Against Marlins

MIAMI - The Philadelphia ace, Roy Halladay, on Saturday reached a milestone in his brilliant career, launching the twentieth perfect game in major league history, in mourning the Phillies won 1-0 to Marlins Florida.

It was the second perfect game in the majors registered for this month. Dallas Braden did it for Oakland against Tampa Bay on May 9 only. It is also the first time in the modern era to record two perfect games in the same campaign _además the Ubaldo Jimenez in April launched a no-hitter, for Colorado_.

Halladay struck out 11 enemy and forced to pinch-hitter Ronny Paulino hit a safe shot to conclude the match. The ace of the mound was cheered by a crowd of 25 086 spectators for much of the night.

Though the Phillies made a couple of good plays defensively, Halladay did not need much help to achieve his feat.

In fact, the show on Saturday was carried out by one man.

Halladay (7-3), always stoic and serious on the mound, revealed a wide smile when his battery mate, Carlos Ruiz, ran up to congratulate him. Then came all the others for the tumultuous celebration.

For several seasons, Halladay has looked unbeatable on the mound, and former Cy Young winner in the American League was the protagonist of a trade involving several teams and Toronto sent him to the Phillies, twice champions of the National League force, before this campaign.

On September 27, 1998 came within one out of throwing the no-hitter in what was only his second start in the majors, working for the Blue Jays against Detroit. Pinch-hitter Bobby Higginson frustrated that feat in the first pitch Halladay him, to hit a home run.

This time, three emerging Halladay faced the Marlins in the ninth inning. Mike Lamb led off with a long high that was caught on the warning track in center field. Wes Helms struck out looking and Paulino hit his grounder to third baseman replacement, Juan Castro, who only had to move a little to the left to catch the ball.

It was the second perfect game in Phillies history. Jim Bunning did one in 1964.

In the short list of perfect games in the history of the majors, there were two released five days apart in 1880 (from John Richmond and John Ward), two decades before what is considered the modern era of baseball.

For the Phillies, Dominican Wilson Valdez 4-2 with a scored. The Mexican Castro 4-2. The Panamanian Ruiz 4-2.

For the Marlins, Hanley Ramirez of the Dominican Republic 3-0, Paulino 1-0. Jorge Cantu 3-0.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Johnson tops Nets' coaching list

Nets team president Rod Thorn chuckled before he discussed the current and immediate future state of the Nets' coaching hunt.

"Stay tuned," he said.

Thorn will interview Avery Johnson this weekend for the position, and, with Boston assistant Tom Thibodeau appearing to be a lock in New Orleans, the former Mavericks coach looms as the favorite.

Phil Jackson is not going to happen. The remote chances of any college candidates died when new owner Mikhail Prokhorov insisted he wants NBA experience. And, no, don't put John Calipari into the mix.(NY POST)

So Johnson emerges as the early front-runner for the Nets, now a most attractive team -- they already have sold more season tickets than ever before by the end of May.

Jeff Van Gundy (indications say he will coach later rather than sooner) and fired Cavaliers coach Mike Brown likely will chat with Thorn eventually. So, too, will Thibodeau -- unless the Hornets job becomes official.

Other hot assistants -- Portland's Monty Williams, the Lakers' Brian Shaw, Houston's Elston Turner -- may get considered.

Thorn had wanted to wait until after the playoffs to start the interviews but yesterday said, "I might change that."

Obviously, he's not waiting to chat with Johnson, who posted a 194-70 (.735) coaching record with Dallas. Thorn wants a coach to lead and develop a young team. The notion he would hire someone who might lure a free agent is "unlikely."

Johnson was an overachiever as a player, a hard worker, a Coach of the Year and a NBA Finals coach, all traits that appeal to Thorn. One rap was he became full of himself but many believe his subsequent unemployment has injected a dose of humility. That's something Thorn intends to find out.

"We're trying to go about this in an orderly, timely fashion," said Thorn, who ruled out trading a pick (early second-rounder) for permission to talk to and sign a coach under contract elsewhere.

Mandela Carried World Soccer to South Africa

The question is simple: be held this year's World Cup in South Africa had not been involved with Nelson Mandela?

FIFA President Sepp Blatter, thinks not.

"Mandela is the true architect of this World Cup, his presence and delivery made it possible," Blatter said on May 15, 2004 in Zurich to announce the winner of the vote.

As he spoke, Blatter handed him with a smile the World Cup trophy to Mandela gray.

For Mandela, who five years earlier had left the presidency, resigned as president, but continued to enjoy great influence, the decision by FIFA was an exciting confirmation of its leadership. For nearly 10 years after the end of the apartheid regime, the rainbow nation, which had led to democracy, was honored with World Headquarters.

"I felt like a boy of 15 years," said Mandela, at that time 85 years, visibly pleased.

The African National Council (ANC), Mandela's party, vigorously supported the campaign to win the seat of the tournament: he believed that the key to reconcile blacks and whites in South Africa, forging a common identity, could pass for another big moment sport.

A formula and successfully tested when South Africa held its ground in the rugby World 1995, a year after the first democratic elections in the country.

The movie "Invictus", filmed in 2009 by film director and actor Clint Eastwood, recalls the story of how Mandela urged blacks to support the national team's final victory, the "Springboks" (gazelles), as a gesture of goodwill towards the white rugby enthusiasts.

The roles are changed when next year's football team, composed mostly of black, won the African Nations Cup.

In 2000, thanks to Mandela, South Africa had accumulated enough experience to host the World Cup. Despite the personal efforts of Mandela canvassing countries, South Africa was beaten with Germany just resolved a controversial 12-11 vote after Charles Dempsey, the representative of New Zealand, South Africa should support, refrain vote in the last minute.

Four years later, South Africa insisted with a new slogan: "It's time for Africa. South Africa is ready. "

"It's been 28 years since the FIFA opposed a racially divided football and helped inspire the end of apartheid," Mandela recalled, recalling 1976, when the FIFA expelled from its ranks apartheid South Africa, the year after the bloody crushing of student demonstrations in Soweto.

On Robben Island prison in the sea off Cape Town, where he spent 18 of his 27 years behind bars, "football was the only joy for the prisoners," he continued Mandela.
That was not quite true. Some prisoners also had fun with rugby or, in the case of Mandela, tennis, gardening and chess.

But football held a special place on the island, as a sport of the black majority. Football matches were played on the island according to the rules of FIFA and prisoners crowded around radios to hear the impact the World Cup.

A number of sporting sanctions which excluded South Africa from all the major tournaments damaged the apartheid state and increased pressure on the regime to negotiate its way out of power.

In February 1990 President Frederik de Klerk announced suddenly that would free Mandela and to unconditionally lift the ban on the ANC.

Díaz Will Swim Red Sea

Dominican Swimmer Marcos Diaz who wants to connect to swim all five continents to promote the fight against poverty, try between 9 and 11 June this year through the Red Sea and complete the second leg of his adventure.

Diaz, 35, said in Cairo that, although initially planned to unite Asia and Africa swim from the coast of Yemen to the beaches of Djibouti, the Somali pirate activity in the Gulf of Aden forced him to change the itinerary.

"The pirates and the lack of security forced us to take the option of crossing the Red Sea between Jordan and Egypt," said Dominican athlete, who completed the first stage of its journey on 13 May with a voyage from Papua New Guinea and Indonesia.

At that time, Diaz, who took four hours and 18 minutes to travel a distance of 19.5 kilometers, took advantage of his stay in both countries to visit United Nations programs in schools, hospitals and orphanages.

"We had the chance to actually live the needs and challenges that these two countries meet the Millennium Development Goals," said the swimmer, "satisfied" because his challenge "became national news" in both states.

World Soccer Cup Will Be Transmited in Dominican Republic

The company announced Pio Deportes staff who work in television broadcasts of the FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010 to be held June 11 to July 11.

Jose Pio Santana, president of the entity that owns the broadcast rights for the Dominican Republic, said that the hosts will be Jorge Rolando Bauger, Félix Disla, Gómez Jorge Allen Bauger and Jose Luis Mendoza who will team to transmit three games daily through Telecentro, channel 13, and RNN, channel 27.

He highlighted the ability of journalists and recalled that every day will be recreated three games in real time, at 7:30 am, 10:00 am and 2:00 pm.

In the night time will be broadcast delayed the best game of the day and closes with a live summary of the key moments of each day.

Also be broadcast the opening ceremonies to be held on 10 June and the closing where it is delivered Cup champion team.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kaká Trained With Brazil

The midfielder Kaka (Real Madrid, Spain)attended the first training session with the group selection Tuesday afternoon at the sports center of Atletico Paranaense in Curitiba, after four days doing muscle-strengthening work.

Kaka's participation in practice seems to indicate that the player will be able for the first match for Brazil in the World Cup in South Africa, on June 15 against North Korea, after much persuasion induced by muscular injury.

Unlike what happened in the morning workout when he was released on access of 'twisted', in the afternoon nearly 3,000 people were outside the center and the fans screaming for the coach allowed entry were not heard .

The situation led to protests against Dunga as the players headed to thank the fans for their presence, allowing the most exalted calm.

This was the last training session of the Brazilian team in Curitiba, where he will spend the night before heading to Brasilia on Wednesday. He will meet with President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva before traveling to Johannesburg.

Mounriho Will Coach Real Madrid

Florentino Perez gave "Pellegrini finished the stage in the Real Madrid" and announced "the hiring of Jose Mourinho as coach once his contract situation resolved with Inter Milan."

In a press conference at the Santiago Bernabéu, the most representative of all white wanted "to acknowledge the impeccable professionalism and dedication" of the chilean but noted that "it is time to give a boost to our project."

Mourinho must agree with Moratti to break his contract with Inter and be presented by Real Madrid in the coming days. The portuguese coach will be hired for four seasons and try to buy them would gain about 10 million euros per season.

Marcos Díaz Travel to Jakarta

The ultra distance dominican swimmer Marcos Diaz arrived in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, in order to follow up on his draft of the Continents Swim, whose second phase will be conducted soon.

Diaz gave a press conference in China where he was accompanied by the Dominican ambassador in India, Hans Dannenberg, served as host and director of Economic Development and Environment, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia, hafur A. Dharmaputra, as well as the outstanding swimmer Victor Glenn Indonesian.

"We are very proud of what we have achieved in this first phase of our journey. We have met many people and try to carry this message of awareness to fulfill the Millennium Development Goals United Nations," said Marcos.

On a date not yet defined, Diaz will join the Asian continent with the African, from Jordan and even Egypt. A few days ago, the ultra champion will swam away from Papua New Guinea to Indonesia, joining Asia Oceania.

"We had a very good experience in New Guinea, where we could work with children with HIV, people with many needs, but we're happy because we realized that the message is coming," said Diaz.

The Dominican ambassador in India, Dannenberg, for its part, said bilateral relations between the Dominican Republic and Indonesia, and spoke of the way they want to further strengthen them.

"Swim of the Continents with the United Nations for the Millennium Development Goals" is the name of this ambitious project created and developed by Marcos Diaz Foundation.

This project seeks to unite, add, and mobilize the people of the world through different countries to achieve compliance with the agreement signed by all nations at the UN in 2000 that seeks to achieve the eight goals for the year 2015.

To join this initiative and donations can access the website and where you will find interesting information about the project, their journeys and as support.

Confirmed Lima Died of a Hear Attack

"The autopsy on deceased baseball player Jose Lima was completed yesterday in Los Angeles, family sources said.
It was also reported in the research process rigor authorities dismissed the criminal hand and the presence of drugs or drugs at the residence and vehicle of Lima.

It maintains the theory that Lima died Sunday of a massive heart attack victim, although the official results of the autopsy will not be disclosed until early next week.

The body was handed over to relatives yesterday and is expected to Lima tomorrow's remains are exposed to the public from 10 am at the Rivera Funeral Home, located in Corona, Queens, a few blocks from Citi Field, home of the Mets.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A new Biografy About Sammy is Coming Soon

An unpublished biography on former baseball star Sammy Sosa, will be published on 13 June.

The book, written by journalist Hector J. Cruz will be released on the date indicated in bookstores and supermarkets in Santo Domingo, Santiago, San Francisco de Macoris, San Pedro de Macoris and La Romana.

The veteran journalist explained that this work is not authorized by Sammy Sosa although the ex-player is aware of his development since he had initiated the project in 2009.

On the other hand, Cruz said Sammy's book will be of great public impact, given that present a new content on personal and family life Sosa.

"For example, never been published that Sosa was the first American wife, with whom he was married for almost a year around 1990, and that was before he met his current wife Sonia, mother of his four children," said journalist.

"Nor is it known that his relationship with his first wife ended badly, as Karen Lee Bright, as it is called, put a lawsuit on domestic violence," said Hector J. Cruz. Sosa was accused of hitting her with a bottle of rum.

Cruz added that "Sosa was further restricted from leaving the country and could not get to training in 1991 with Chicago White Sox." The lawsuit was dismissed by a Deputy Prosecutor of the National District.

Dominican Cyclist Merán Won Gold Medal

The National Cycling Team added a gold medal and two silvers in the arrangements for scratch, speed and Olympic time trial during the celebration of the Cuban Sports Olympiad, an event that successfully develops in that Caribbean nation.

From the hand of Rafael Meran, Dominican won the gold in the scratch competition from yesterday for the third day of the event activity.

Also, the trilogy consisting of Norlandys Taveras, Lantigua Etanislao Euris Vidal and got the silver medal in the Olympic speed clocking time of 1:05, 37 in the test, second only to the representation of Venezuela, whose team recorded time of 1:03 ; 08.

The Venezuelan representative was composed of Herson Canata, Angel Pulgar and Cesar Marcano. The third place went to Cuba, the record mark of 1:06, 77.

This team consisted of Osnel Echevarria, Ivan Delis and Alberto Ferran.

Also, the Taveras hander took the silver medal in the time trial agreed to record a mile time 1:08, 16.

Lima Will Visit Cibao Stadium for the last Time

Former pitcher dominicanJose Lima will be veiled in New York and Cibao Stadium in Santiago agreed yesterday the player´s family, his agent and the team Aguilas Cibaenas during a meeting between different parties.

Lima died early Sunday in Los Angeles, California and reported that he had suffered a massive heart attack. The body will be handed to their families for Forensic Pathology and Tuesday or Wednesday will be funeral services in New York, a place where four of his brothers and other relatives.

His father, Francisco Rodríguez, staff members and Winston Llenas Amaury Morel, president of the Aguilas, reported that the body will be moved to Santiago on Wednesday night or Thursday and that on arrival will be moved to Estadio Cibao.

"The family knows that Jose was a special being loved by all and we must share our grief with her fans, who have shown great sorrow at the death of my son," said Francisco Rodríguez, From his side, Full stated that the Aguilas and all his fans and the people at large will have the opportunity to fire a funeral Lima as he wanted, in the stadium where he gave his best Dominican baseball.

Cibao Stadium since it was specified that the coffin will be moved to the community of Las Charcas, where he will receive a Christian burial.

Also, organizations like Leones del Escogido and the Professional Players' Federation expressed their sorrow at the death of the popular hurler.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

F1 Ran in Santo Domingo

George Washington Avenue was the perfect setting for the car of" Red Bull Racing "averaged a speed of approximately 300 kilometers per hour, in what many consider the largest and most important event ever held in ground dominican speed.

At the wheel of RB1, Spanish Alguersuari provided a true spectacle for the thousands of people gathered at the iconic waterfront to witness the Red Bull Formula Santo Domingo produced by Bravo Entertainment Events and Peynado GA Motorsport.

Alguersuari gave everything. The 'Cerita'-drawings of the car burning rubber from the tires, and a white streak that drew in the air was one of the most applauded moves.

Although each starting and braking, combined with the power and sound of an engine gave the public truly unique experience never before experienced in our country.

"Being here has been a pleasure," said the youngest rider in the F1. "I am very happy that I could share this with the best public that have touched me. I enjoyed every minute on the track, "he said excitedly. "I have to thank the Dominicans for this show of affection," he exclaimed.

During the "Red Bull Formula Santo Domingo" attendees also enjoyed displays by the Dominican Club Drift Brokers, Porsche, Ferrari and karting.

Zlatan Hates English Rain

Barcelona striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic looks unlikely to move to the Premier League, claiming the rain would deter him from playing in England.

Speculation over Ibrahimovic's future is certain to intensify over the coming days and weeks after Barca spent €40 million on Valencia striker David Villa.

Ibrahimovic struggled to impress for the La Liga champions in his first season since moving to the Catalan club from Inter Milan, starting only 23 games but still managing to score 16 goals in the league. And he was only named on the bench for four of Barca's last six La Liga fixtures as they looked to hold off the challenge of Real Madrid for the title.

After scoring just once in the run-in, and with the signing of Villa, it has been suggested Ibrahimovic could now be offloaded to help finance the purchase of Cesc Fabregas from Arsenal.

But it seems he will not be going in the opposite direction to the Premier League. He told Swedish lifestyle magazine Café: "England doesn't feel close. I don't like rain."

The Sweden international also ruled out a return home at any point during his playing career, after starting his career with Malmo: "Football will always be in my heart, it is a part of me, but I will not make any guest appearances in the Allsvenka [Swedish domestic league].

"Not as an active player at least. Maybe I can contribute my knowledge to Swedish football in some other way."

Obama Wants Lebron in Chicago

If LeBron James isn't sure he can win in Cleveland, President Barack Obama thinks there's an opportunity with his hometown Chicago Bulls.

"You know, like I said, I don't want to meddle," Obama told TNT. "I will say this: [Derrick] Rose, Joakim Noah it's a pretty good core. You know, you could see LeBron fitting in pretty well there."

Obama was interviewed about a number of basketball subjects by broadcaster Marv Albert on the White House basketball court. The interview will be shown Tuesday night at 8 p.m. ET.

James can become a free agent this summer, and his decision whether to leave the Cavaliers is one of the hottest topics in sports. Though he's never said he wants out of his native Ohio, there's speculation he'd consider it after the Cavaliers were knocked out of the playoffs in the second round by the Boston Celtics.

"I think that the most important thing for LeBron right now is actually to find a structure where he's got a coach that he respects and is working hard with teammates who care about him and if that's in Cleveland, then he should stay in Cleveland," Obama said. "If he doesn't feel like he can get it there, then someplace else."

Obama compared James' situation to the Bulls not winning until Michael Jordan had confidence in Phil Jackson, Scottie Pippen and the rest of his teammates. Once that happened, Chicago won six NBA championships in the 1990s.

"It wasn't until you got that framework around you that you could be a champion," Obama said. "Same thing happened with Kobe [Bryant]. You know, I think that, first with Shaq [O'Neal] then later with [Pau] Gasol, you know, he's gotten that sense of a team around him and I think LeBron hasn't quite been able to get that yet. That's what he needs to find." (ESPN)

Maradona Supports Messi for 2010 World Soccer Cup

Argentine soccer coach, Diego Maradona, insisted today that Lionel Messi arrives at a great time at the World Cup and said he enjoys being the manager of the computer that will highlight the player of Barcelona.

According to Maradona, "Messi has a lot more support than I had before the World México'86", in which Argentina won the title with him as captain and figure.

"Every game has a story and he must learn to read. I'm very confident Messi," the coach said in a press conference, adding: "Leo is the best player in the world with much advantage over those that follow and, as I say always, thank God it's Argentina. "

Referring to Diego Milito, scorer of the final of the Champions Cup with Inter Milan coach albiceleste said: " does not surprise me to Diego Milito, but are also well Messi, Tevez, Kun Aguero and Higuain. Here there are no headlines, no alternates. We need to be well all. "

"I'm at my best," said Maradona. "I have what I was missing before, I have my daughters, I am a partner, I have work, I'm fine," he said.

"We know that we are not favorites, but we're going to a fight at all, because we are hungry for glory. I see this team similar to 1986," he added.

"I go to fifth in the world (four as a player and the first as a coach) with all the enthusiasm of the world, having some amazing players that have adapted to training and holds a worldwide requirement. So in this issue are very quiet. All we are around the selection we are very happy, "said Maradona.

"I have in the squad to 23 beasts. Every player who is quoted to have to play their part where I need it. In every session we will work to find the best performance, although I have a navy base," he said.

"The world will gain little by little. All I have to be sharp at all to give that extra it takes to win games

Dominican Pitcher Lima Die at 37

Dominican sports last night lost pitcher Jose Lima, the outspoken major league pitcher who also filled a time in the Dominican Baseball. Lima diead of a heart attack in Los Angeles, USA.

The Dominican pitcher threw a 13-year major league teams with the Detroit Tigers, the Houston Astros, Kansas City Royals, Los Angeles Dodgers and the New York Mets.

Lima had a lifetime record of 89-102 and an ERA of 5.27. His best season in the majors was in 1999 when he had a record of 21 -10 with the Astros and 3.58 ERA, made his only appearance in the All-Star and finished fourth in the vote to win the Cy Young.

He was signed by Ramón Peña at 17 years of age.

Lima pitched ball for 15 seasons with Aguilas del Cibao and Leones del Escogido one of the pillars in the crown won by Santiago team from 2000 to 2009.

Lima, was one of the most outgoing and charismatic players in the Major Leagues. It was a show on the mound, and one of the few Dominicans who has won 20 games in MLB.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Big Papi Rips Manager Francona

Dominican slugger David Ortiz aka Big Papi who has raised his average 99 points, has hit five homers and has driven 15 races in his last 55 games, suggested in a radio interview and before the last game that the manager Boston Red Sox Terry Francona lost a little confidence in him and that the media rushed to judge while battling in the first half of the season.

"I was angry. He was angry. I was totally, absolutely mad" said the Dominican to WEEI Radio, referring to Francona's decision to take him out for a pinch hitter on April 27 in Toronto. "You know that if you go with me, you will receive two things: you win or you will die with me. That's right. So it has been since I've been here. "

"You have to believe in your players. Period. You chose to have me on your roster from day one, "continued the slugger. You have to go with me. "

A Ortiz was asked if that meant that Francona had lost faith, as the Dominican, was hitting just .154 at the time, with a homer and four RBIs in 15 games. "As I turned the page," said designated hitter, who suggested that no longer accept that it removed by a pop.

"You will not be," he said. "! I guarantee that."

Ortiz arrived in 2010 coming off a difficult season in which his average did not reach 200 points until mid-June. Yes finished with 99 RBIs, but also with an average of 238.

These problems continued at the beginning of this campaign. He ended up hitting .143 in April, and had also been taken by a pop vs April 20. Texas. On both occasions, Francona put to bat by Mike Lowell.

Ortiz blasted the media in the first half of the season for suggesting that the days had passed the Dominican as a productive hitter. Again criticized the press now.

"There are fans. There are fans that come with it. Are the media, "said Ortiz. "It's the media who think they know everything. You sit there have never played this game, talking about I have to go, now you're finished, you hit and you do not know, you can not do this or can not do that. You've never hit in your life. You know nothing about that ... I'm here, working hard, doing my thing. You do not pay attention to any of that. "

Ortiz told the Boston Globe: "We have completed one quarter of the season and I was dead long before that."

The Dominican, 34 years old told WEEI that he would like to play a few more years, but insisted that he shall decide when it's time to retire coomo active player.

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