Friday, August 20, 2010

Díaz Swam in cold water

With the slogan "This swim is for everybody," Marcos Diaz made his final practice yesterday before leaving for Russia, where he will participate in the fourth Swim Crossing Continents Project supported by the United Nations.

Diaz swam in the pool of water 25 meters from the resort of Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center in the icy waters at a temperature of around 5 degrees Celsius after the Alaska Company, used 50,000 pounds of ice to bring water to a temperature similar to which swimmer Ultradistance face when attempting to cross the Bering Strait to link Alaska to Russia and completing the loop with the American continent.

"This will be the most difficult journey that we will face throughout our careers and so grateful to the people of Alaska for helping companies to achieve a milestone of putting a Dominican summer pool at a temperature of about 5 degrees Celsius" Diaz said after completing their training.

The low temperatures at which Diaz will undergo extreme are a requirement in both the mental and physically.

For that reason, swim with two wetsuits with a thickness of about seven millimeters allowing you to maintain a body temperature above 25 degrees Celsius which would prevent collapse of his vital organs.

"This training gives us the opportunity prior to test how far our body, and we had the luck to do it here in the country," he said.

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