Friday, August 27, 2010

Díaz today completed the swim of the Continents

Defining this journey as the most difficult swim of his career, Ultradistance swimmer Marcos Diaz joined to Europe and America to swim the Bering Strait to complete the project Swim continents with the support of the United Nations.

Diaz swam in the waters accompanied by killer whales and walruses in the water temperature was around 1.8 and 3 degrees Celsius during the course of one hour and five minutes from Big Diomede Island in Russia to Little Diome of Alaska.

"This was the hardest swim of my career," Diaz said briefly, seconds after leaving the cold waters of the Bering Sea.

The swim lasted exactly one hour, five minutes and 34 seconds and its speed was influenced by the fact that the tide was all the time in favor of Diaz, who swam at an average speed of 4.1 km / h.

"One of the things that worried us was the large number of walruses that were in the water, so Mark had to swim quite close to the boat, but there was no disappointment in that sense," said Diaz's trainer, Augusto García.

In May, Mark swam from Papua New Guinea to Indonesia to link to the Asia Pacific.

Then in June made a swim from Jordan to Africa to unite the waters of Asia with Africa. Last month, swam from Morocco to Tarifa on the Straits of Gibraltar, to cut the journey between Africa and Europe.

The project Swim continents of Marcos Díaz, with the support of the Organization of the United Nations seeks to achieve a goal not only sport like that just completed.

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