Friday, August 20, 2010

Raúl Will Debut with Shalke

BERLIN - Schalke'04 coach, Felix Magath, will debut in Spanish Raul Gonzalez as a player in the Bundesleague at the start of the season in the match he will face on Saturday at Hamburg's also a former Real Madrid striker Ruud van Nistelrooy.

"Raul has fully recovered and I'm impressed. I count on him for tomorrow (Saturday)," said Magath after that, in recent days had raised the possibility that it was not yet available.

The former Real Madrid played his first match in Germany just five days after arriving at his new club in the summer tournament Total League Cup, first against Hamburg and then in the final against Bayern Munich, where he scored his first two goals for Schalke.

A week after the Super Cup played against Bayern, with victory going to the Bavarians, after which Magath decided to let it rest this week in the Cup match against Germany Aalen, third division, because he felt he was "tired."

Raul asked this week to the fans patience and said he hoped to be in shape for September.

Magath has a reputation as the toughest coach in the Bundesliga, with workouts that put his staff to limit their physical capacity.

In these methods has claimed to have left the teams he coached players like Kevin Kuranyi, Marcelo Bordon and Rafinha, who has said openly that they can not with Magath.

A reputation is now joined him a "dictator" by withering dismissal of the representative of the fans, Rolf Rojek, following protests from supporters against Christoph Metzelder.

"Is Schalke a dictatorship?" Read a banner during the Cup match, on that issue, while Magath defending his actions as part of his "management style."

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