Sunday, August 29, 2010

Trezeguet Will Play with Hercules

The Hercules expected to arrive Sunday to Alicante French striker David Trezeguet, who, if signed by the Spanish club, will become the ninth team to address strengthening the 2010-11 season.

Alicante club sources pointed out that Trezeguet will to close its incorporation, with which it has already reached an agreement to play the next two seasons.

Trezeguet is split on Saturday Juventus, which has been his team for the past ten years and he scored 171 goals in 320 games and won two league titles and two Italian Super Cup.

For Trezeguet confirmed the signing of the Hercules, the team coached by Esteban Vigo your staff to incorporate a world champion in 1998 and Europe in 2000 with the French.

The French striker has 32 years and is married to Alicante, which could influence his decision to call at the Hercules and discard other offers he had on the table.

Antonio Caliendo, Trezeguet representative, has spent two days in Alicante to negotiate his departure by signing and assure that they were very optimistic about the possibility that the player signed by the Hercules.

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