Monday, September 20, 2010

Abreu and Mancebo Won Mauricio Baez´s Marathon

Alvaro Abreu and Maria Mancebo rose to the top spot for the Marathon Club Mauricio Baez in the continuation of the celebration of 47th anniversary of this institution, with the slogan "Without fail."

The test, with which closed the tournament and InterCall Athletics Interclub which was dedicated to Williams Ramos, basketball and athletics booster at the Club Mauricio Baez and who received a recognition by the mauritian policy, was the participation of a lot of people in both branches and different ages, who toured several streets of the populous area of Villa Juana.

Abreu, of the city of Moca and wearing the number 268, won the first test, in the men, Edwin Duval (238), was second, Jose Rubiera (269), third; Euridis Hiciano (228) Aybar fourth and Santos (265), fifth.

While Mancebo crossed the line in the first place in the women, Sandra Martinez (298), second; Johanna Joseph (283), third, the veteran and known Pascuala Veras (261), fourth and Solanyi Rodriguez (231) fifth.

The inhabitants of Villa Juana, at all times, gave their support and encouragement to the participants, who made a special effort to reach the goal.

Similarly, the organizers gave 47 awards, including as many years that celebrates the institution.

Different people supported this competition, which could be observed in participants from several young, as other seniors, regardless of the volume of your body.

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