Thursday, September 16, 2010

Aguilas Welcome Firts Pick

Miguel-Guelo-Diloné, the most exciting player in dominican baseball and Winston Llenas, another of the great symbols of the Aguilas del Cibao welcomed Jonathan Villar.

Villar, the first selection of the Cibao in the draft of new players to the Dominican League, and second overall, turned a visit to the home of the 20 times champions, they did a tour in the Cibao stadium, offices, clubhouse, and began to inject the mystic.

"I always dreamed to be on this team, and as I am, now I think I should do my job to deserve a big part of it, that is in my mind," said

He looked elated, was received at the offices of baseball operations, where he made immediate contact with those who followed him step by step, to finally pick it.

He received multiple comments and advice from the veterans:

"You have to be humble, working every day to improve yourself and not listen to bad advice," said Winston Llenas, president of the Eagles.

While Miguel Dilone, who will start heading to the Aguilas this year, suggests that: "Listen to advice from those who guide you in each instructor will have a new experience and education, and above all you must be a lover of the game".

Jonathan, who was accompanied by his father, Jose Roque Mercedes and several other comrades and family, was loose, happy, dynamism comes off the clothes and optimism is evident in their eyes.

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