Friday, September 10, 2010

Anthony Joining Chicago Bulls?

The Chicago Bulls are interested in making a trade with the Denver Nuggets Carmelo Anthony, and are discussing internally whether to include Joakim Noah as part of the agreement, according to league sources.

According to the source, the Nuggets hesitate to get in return from Luol Deng, because Denver does not want to lengthy contracts with the collective bargaining agreement to expire on June 30, 2011. Deng is in its second year of a six-year, $ 71 million.

Noah charged $ 3.1 million this season in the fourth year of his rookie contract. The next season would become an unrestricted free agent unless the Bulls will extend the contract.

Yahoo! Sports reported Wednesday that an NBA source with knowledge of the wishes of Anthony Anthony said he hopes to convince the general manager of the Nuggets, Masai Ujiri to redeem it, preferring to move to New York Knicks or Bulls.

The Nuggets Anthony was offered a contract for three years and $ 65 million by 2014, but if it refuses, the team should consider sharing power forward that has led to seven consecutive playoff appearances.

"I think I will convince him to stay with us," said Ujiri on 31 August. "No, I do not know, I can not judge. As I said, is a process and until he tells me that what we want back, the city wants it back and the owners want him back. "

Anthony has never surfaced to say he wanted to be traded.

In summer camp, Anthony denied any speculation about his departure from Denver: "I come hearing that five years ago. I'm a Nugget. I'm here with the Nuggets. I do not become a free agent until next year if I decide not to take the ".

Anthony, 26, has averaged 24.7 points per game in his career, including 28.2 last season.

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