Friday, September 3, 2010

Argentine River Plate Signed Dominican Player

The young dominican player Gianni Cavagliano Lama was recruited by the famous argentine club River Plate and is part of a group of talent development that professional football franchise in Argentina.

Cavagliano Lama is a young 15 years old player and that the country belongs to the international school football Carlos DeMilia.

Thus Cavagliano Lama became the first dominican to close rank with the famed Argentine club.

The information was provided by Carlos DeMilia, who notes that Cavagliano Lama is a young player who exhibits great technical qualities and dedication to the game of football.

From mid-August is in the youth hostel of the club River Plate, which takes the opportunity to stay as a student attending the school listener of that entity.

Previously Cavagliano Lama had been in the club Deportivo Espanyol in a process of adaptation.

"We are confident that this is a significant step that opens the way for other talented Dominican players," said DeMilia.(LISTIN DIAIRO)

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