Thursday, September 30, 2010

Chicharito Scored Winning Gol in Champions League

The goal scored by Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez gave Manchester United a victory over Valencia (1-0) up reactions in the British newspapers, who praised, in some cases, the performance of the mexican player.

The Guardian, comparisons confirmed that the Mexican and praise received from Alex Ferguson, who compared it to the Manchester United star Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, saying "Hernandez will have aspirations to think that he is more than just an alternate devastating, there was a wonderful thing and nostalgic, like Solskjaerl, when he left the bench to win the game. "

The British newspaper also claimed that "Chicharito" proved to be a game winner last night in Valencia, when he scored five minutes before the game to give United a rare victory in the Champions League in Spain.

Noted the statements of Darren Fletcher, who said that Hernandez will be a great player ... is young and still getting used to the way we played here, he came from Mexico and really has a great talent. "

In the same also be said Hernandez, "whose touch and shape of concrete were exquisite, cushioned and drove the ball to defend and in a moment that was the only viable option, threw the angle with the style of a teacher."

The Sun newspaper, for use as head of his notes "Sweet Pea (Chicharito) is a United star" while The Daily Mail that claimed "Javier Hernandez is a future star of Manchester United!" likewise said that "the effort of Hernandez pointed out the fact that Manchester United and Wayne Rooney does not depend on who might be absent for three weeks with an ankle injury."

The official website of Manchester United, Mexico highlighted the activity of ensuring that "the Mexican shooter only needed 8 minutes to make his mark." Surfaced statements of his teammate Rio Fletcher, who said "it's a great guy who has a great attitude and always willing to learn."

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