Thursday, September 16, 2010

Díaz Swimmed the Five Continents

The open water swimmer, dominican Marcos Diaz, completed his goal of uniting the continent in their fight against hunger and poverty.

Diaz came to the building of the Organization of the United Nations (UN) in his last swim.

The dominican made the last stretch between the Statue of Liberty at Gantry Plaza State Park, where stands the Crystal Palace which is the UN headquarters in New York.

The Dominican swam from Jordan to Egypt, from Morocco to Spain, from Russia to Alaska and chose New York as the last leg to deliver a petition to the UN, where he received the backing of the secretary general, Ban Ki-moon.

The officer waited for Diaz on the banks of the East River. Dominican Sports Minister Felipe Payano congratulated Diaz after his arrival at the finish. "This feat of uniting the five continents swimming is something historic and deserves to show sincere appreciation," the minister said Payano.

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