Friday, September 10, 2010

Dominican Athletes the Best Paid

Mexico was the country most medals won at the Central American and Caribbean Games Mayagüez (384), but athletes Dominicans (who came fifth with 138 metals) were the best paid.

An investigation by DL realize that incentives were individual medalists Dominicans were the highest among the countries that their athletes rewarded for their achievements as motivation.

At the current conversion of the Dominican peso per U.S. dollar as reference currency, the gold medalists received U.S. $ 3.470 Dominicans, the silver, $ 2,700 and bronze, U.S. $ 2000.

In contrast, Mexicans received $ 384 for gold, U.S. $ 230 for silver and $ 153 for bronze. Also, the Guatemalans were promised (and are likely not to meet them) $ 1,800 for gold, U.S. $ 621 for silver and $ 248 for bronze.

In Puerto Rico no incentive was given at a general level, but some municipalities it did with its native sport. The San Juan provided $ 1,500 for gold, U.S. $ 1,000 for silver and $ 500 for bronze.

Meanwhile that Panama provided $ 492 for air medals, U.S. $ 295 for silver and $ 197 for the bronze.

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