Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dominican Rookies Enjoy Being Yanks

Eduardo Nuñez and Ivan Nova have shared various experiences since signing with the Yankees as a free agents in 2004, but none compares with the opportunity to enjoy both rookies right now.

After being teammates and minor league apartment for several years, Nova and Nuñez are now on the roster of New York Yankees in the middle of a fight for the pennant of the American League East. The two were called in late August to fill key gaps and the impact of both players was immediate.

Nuñez has played mostly at third base with New York in the absence of Alex Rodriguez is hitting .296 in 28 at-bats. His first hit in the majors on August 21 broke a tie in the Yankees' victory over Seattle 9-5. It was an exciting time while moving, because when the ball is now withheld from them keeps as a souvenir of his first hit, Núñez kissed the ball.

Nova, who also says has been a fan of the Yankees since childhood, is 1-0 with an ERA of 1.93 in 14 innings for the Yankees this year and earned his first major league win in his first opening on August 29 against the White Sox. That win was a relief to the Bronx team, which is grappling with a rotation decimated by the injury suffered by the veteran lefty Andy Pettitte in the groin and ineffective AJ Burnett and Javier Vazquez as starters.

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