Monday, September 6, 2010

Dominican Soccer TV Show celebrate 24 years

The dominican sports program "Fútbol Sólo Fútbol" will celebrate the 24th anniversary of his departure on the air.

The anniversary will be on Sunday 12th of this month, reported argentine Jorge Rolando Bauger, producer and host of space for 24 years has made continuous transmissions of the first national television program devoted entirely to promoting the values of sport soccer in the Dominican Republic.

Jorge Rolando Bauger started in Dominican television presenting World Cup Spain 1982 through Rahintel. Then came the radio program "Fútbol Sólo Fútbol" which aired every Saturday afternoon on Disco Radio.

Later, he began writing the column for the evening's namesake National, the transmission success of the World Cup in Mexico in 1986, enabling the start of production and television programaversión conduction through the channel 13.

During these 24 years on national television, the program created by Jorge Rolando Bauger was issued on different floors and Telecentre television; Rahíntel; CineVision, Teleradio America, and eight years passed through the Canal Catholic Church in the frequency Telecable 41 and 1 as well as by a wide network of cables inside the country.

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