Friday, September 17, 2010

Lebron and Kobe the most hated players

LeBron James scored his goal of joining the Miami Heat to have more options to win a league title and guard Kobe Bryant did it for the second consecutive year, but both do not drop anything good to the great American public.

James, when he was with the Cleveland Cavaliers it was estimated among the general public, their decision to leave and especially making the announcement in a televised news conference, did not sit well and it cost him to lose all the good image of which was "The King" of the NBA.

The company "Q Scores Company, which conducts surveys of popularity, has James as the sixth most hated figure in American professional sports, one place behind Bryan, who is fifth.

The results, known as the "Q Scores", were released Tuesday by the television channel CNBC and the same was not specified as these athletes are viewed by geographic area but throughout the national territory.

The way the public sees now James is completely opposite to what they thought before they take the decision to leave the Heat as a free agent to join Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, so their decline has been precipitous in paragraph of popularity and good image.

"Q Scores Company, which leads popularity polls, has James as the sixth most hated figure in American professional sports. The results known as the" Q Scores ", were released Tuesday by CNBC.

According to the report of the CNBA and data offered by "Q Scores" James is viewed negatively by 39 percent of the general population.

Last January, when he was the undisputed leader of the Cavaliers and his team winner, his figure and image was viewed positively by 24 percent of the population and 22 did so negatively.

"The positive endorsement LeBron (James) at that time (January) was the highest we had ever seen," said Henry Schafer, executive vice president "Q Scores", the television network CNBC.

The most recent tabulation of the company placed James in the fall of positive rating in the last seven months at 41.5 percent and maybe as you approach the start of the preseason, their perception is even worse.

"Q Scores" believes that James is viewed positively by only 14 percent of respondents.

James has faced all sorts of criticism and the various sectors of society for the way they did last July's announcement of leaving the Cavaliers and go with the Heat.

The first reacted little "friendly" and "diplomatic" was the actual owner of the Cavaliers, Dan Gilbert, who defined the action of hitherto franchise player like a "coward."

In addition to go further and question the professionalism of James when he said he had given up on the series of the Eastern Conference semifinals against the Boston Celtics and the same thing had happened the previous year in the finals against the Orlando Magic.

"Instead of seeing your changes to the Heat as the best way to win a championship, many thought the way they decided to announce it as a selfish action," said Schafer, "CNBC."

James has already explained that his decision had no background to the sport and have the opportunity to achieve not only a league title but also make a great team and offer fans a brilliant show of basketball.

So far, none of his arguments have convinced the public and hence the image and popularity of James's not in the best, nor that of Bryant, which remains an unloved athlete outside the circle of followers the Lakers.

However, the most disliked sports personality and less beloved by the great American public is the quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles Michael Vick, followed by the golfer Tiger Woods.

Up less than a year ago the sports model for the American public, has also fallen into "disgrace" after meeting all the "infidelity" outside the marriage that also cost him a divorce.

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