Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Maradona Owe Italian Taxes

The Italian tax authorities could ruin the game for the 50 years that Diego Maradona want to celebrate the 30th of October with a match in the Naples Stadium.

The company responsible for collection of unpaid taxes announced on Tuesday that "seek to recover" the money that former argentine star owes the Italian state. Maradona was convicted in 2005 by a court to pay about 37 million euros (44.4 billion dollars), which still owes 23.5 million euros.

"The fact that Maradona has been a great player and is still very loved by the tifosi, it puts it in a different position with respect to other taxpayers called to fulfill their own duties in the Treasury, said in a statement the company Equitalia , responsible for these charges.

Equitalia criticized the former footballer Salvatore Bagni, whom Maradona asked him to organize the celebration party.

After recalling that in previous visits to Italy to Maradona confiscated some diamond rings and gold watches, Bagni said "this time it will bring."

The company argued that "the sums due to Maradona has evaded tax because they are money that the Italian state must therefore all citizens, including Mr. Bagni."

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