Friday, September 24, 2010

Messi Will Play if he is OK

Barcelona coach, Pep Guardiola, has given his approval to Leo Messi joins Argentina's national team to play friendly against Japan on Oct. 8, although he qualified that the player should be fit to travel with your selection.

The coach has revealed he has spoken with the Argentina coach, Sergio Batista, on the physical state of Messi. Both agreed that the player will travel to Japan as long as his physical condition permits.

"If OK, go. If not, no. It has already started to run, move, and I think to this date, he will be fine," said Guardiola, who has even acknowledged that he would not object to travel to Messi Japan to fellow group selection.

The recovery of the player, which today has begun to run next to your stove, Juanjo Brau, Guardiola has stressed that Messi will return earlier than expected. "When we saw the ankle after injury, we all thought he had done more harm than it really has been," he said.

Cautious in establishing the time of recovery, Guardiola insisted that his "evolution marked as available", and recalled that Messi, "as the other players, always want to" get organized and play.

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