Monday, September 20, 2010

Mirabal Publish Book

In praise of the crowd was launched yesterday to market the book "100 Great" by Franklin Mirabal.

The Cooperstown immortal Juan Marichal is the only Dominican player included in this famous list.

The activity was held at the Naco club, attended by Sports Minister Felipe Payano, the president of Dominican Basegall League, Leonardo Matos Berrido, the president of the Baseball Federation, Tito Pereyra, the Chito athlete and sports journalists Asmar throughout the country.

"When you do a ranking, everyone has their list. This is mine, pondered well the career of each of the players, "Mirabal said.

He conceded that maybe missing people, but readers can not say that those who are not deserve to be.

Mirabal highlighted the efforts made to achieve making of the book, which reflects the achievements of the hundred best players in the majors. Sports Minister congratulated Mirabal.

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