Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Newton Hung Himself

Terry Newton, one of the best British rugby players of recent decades and the first professional athlete to test positive for doping in a test for human growth hormone, was found hanged on Sunday.

According to British press reports, Newton left a message on his Facebook page that said: "I love you all, but has reached the end."

Police went to the house of the athlete in Wigan (Greater Manchester) after receiving a call and discovered his body in the garage, where in the past had injected drugs and had hidden his wife and two children with whom syringes were injected .

His younger sister, Leannae, heroin addict, died of pneumonia last year and Newton regularly took antidepressants, according to The Guardian.

Newton was suspended for two years after last November would give positive doping test after his move from Bradford Bulls Wakefield Trinity.

In several interviews and an autobiography published in May, Newton warned other athletes of the dangers of drugs, while expressing hope that a reduction in the period of suspension of rugby league.

Newton last June, he spoke to BBC radio in making clear his dismay at seeing the league he could not play.

Human growth hormone that occurs naturally in the human pituitary gland, accelerates the growth of tissues and organs, including bone, heart and liver.

Rugby was one of the first sports to introduce blood tests to detect the possible presence of the hormone in its synthetic form, declared illegal.

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