Thursday, September 16, 2010

Portugal Wants Mourinho for Coaching

The president of the Portuguese Federation of Football (FPF), Gilberto Madaíl, traveled to Madrid on Thursday as part of the search process for selecting a qualified coach "said a source confirmed to EFE".

Several advanced Portuguese media on the morning of Thursday Madaíl is in the Spanish capital to convince Real Madrid.
Justificar a ambos ladoscoach Jose Mourinho, who directs the Portuguese in the next two qualifying matches for Euro 2012 as a temporary solution for the team after the dismissal of Carlos Queiroz.

According to sports daily Record and private television SIC, FPF president intends to carry out one last move to boost the selection, in critical condition after the draw against Cyprus and the loss to Norway in the games played this month for the classification of Euro 2012.

The two games that the Federation intended to be led by the RealMadrid`s coach, according to pressare against Denmark on October 8 and Iceland on 12 March.

The next game will be played and not until June, so that the FPF had time to find a permanent replacement for Queiroz.

Mourinho is seen as the best solution for this transition, but the operation should have the approval of Real Madrid.

Record detail Madaíl is accompanied by the former president of the FPF Joao Rodrigues, "a man with good relations with the head of the Spanish federation, Angel Villar, which may help convince Real Madrid."

Moreover, the candidate most similar to the post of coach next Luso, Portugal's Paulo Bento, has assured that it has not signed any contract or been contacted by the FPF.

The Portuguese football's governing body decided last September 9 forgo the services of coach Queiroz, suspended for six months on charges of lusa Anti-Doping Authority (adopted) to disrupt a drug test.

Queiroz left the Portugal two years, one month and 29 days after their engagement was announced on July 11, 2008, for a period of four years, the second where he led the team.

The incident that triggered this process took place last May 16 when Queiroz allegedly insulted a team of doctors ADOP control while doing a surprise to the team players at 7.45 local time, in the concentration pre-World South Africa in the town Lusa de Covilha.

The FPF had already advanced to commence immediately "contact with a technician to assume the direction of the team, if possible, and for the next match" against Denmark and Iceland.

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