Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rossi suspended

The Italian cycling team Ceramica Flaminia announced the suspension of Enrico Rossi, who was arrested Tuesday for alleged involvement in a distributed network of doping substances between professional and amateur cyclists.

In a brief statement, the Ceramic Flaminia explained that the suspension was taken "immediately" after learning of information about his arrest, which occurred Tuesday along with the other five people, including former cyclist born in Italy but parents Colombian Vanegas Nicolas Sanchez.

According to investigators, the network was in charge of distributing doping substances to professional cycling teams and fans.

As part of this operation, in which there have been about 40 apartments in Italy, are also surveyed about 35 people, including doctors, cyclists, athletic trainers, and pharmacists.

Rossi is also the brother of Vania Rossi rider, runner girlfriend Riccardo Ricco, who was suspended for 20 months for failing a doping test at the Tour de France 2008. EFE

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