Friday, September 10, 2010

Spanish Star Villa Send Jerseys to Chilean Miners

Two official FC Barcelona jerseys, signed and dedicated by the Spanish international striker David Villa, arrived on Thursday at the San José mine in northern Chile, to be delivered to the 33 workers who are trapped since Aug. 5.

Cristina Cubero, director of external relations for the Spanish daily Mundo Deportivo, was the one who came with the dress up the site, located about 830 kilometers north of Santiago, the Atacama region.

"Courage miners," say the shirts, one of which is for the group and the other being addressed to Franklin Lobos, a former professional footballer who is among those trapped.

Villa, explained Cristina Cubero, were sensitized to the situation of chilean miners family because it is mine and his father, his grandfather, his great grandfather and many of his uncles worked many years in coal deposits in Asturias.

He has lived all his life in Tuilla, a mining town, his father worked 27 years at the mine and when David was 8, in an accident killed four miners, all friends of his father, who saved the life of miracle, he said.

He said the Guaje has confessed he was "very concerned, who had spoken of this accident, not knowing what to do to send encouragement to the miners in Chile (...).

"When David signed the shirt, almost crying, because he knows daily of the miners. "

"He was very excited, with tearful eyes, this is not a gesture to the stands or fit, is a gesture of the heart. When Villa sign this shirt is putting all his feeling, and you really feel the desperation of the miners and feel the desperation of the family, "he said.

The shirt dedicated to Franklin Lobos Carolina received, daughter of footballer, who was "very happy and excited" by the gesture of standout Spanish.

"My Dad will be happy and excited," Young said to reporters, but stressed that not only he who deserves the attention of the media.

"It's not just him, as was true that football is better known, but it is not, now is a miner, like all his buddies ... so he's down there ... they are 33," he concluded, with evident emotion.

Franklin Lobos, 54, was a midfielder striker who excelled in several Chilean teams, including Cobresal, where he shared a dressing room with a young Ivan Zamorano in the late eighties, also wore the jersey of Chile in the phase classification of the Olympic Games Los Angeles 1984.

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