Monday, September 20, 2010

Venezuela Will Change Soccer´s Uniform

The vice president of the Venezuelan Football Federation, Laureano Gonzalez said he was against the idea of the government of that country that the jersey of soccer (known as Red Wine) has the colors of the Venezuelan flag.

"For this cycle, until the World Cup in Brazil, we are registered with the burgundy in all football teams and can not be changed. It is not just trade agreements with Adidas and other brands, but a complete cycle," explained the leading to the press in his country.

In line with this, also ruled out changing the color selection only for adults. "We can not change the color of a selection and leave the other with burgundy. Now the tricolor mono, of course I can," he said.

Earlier, the venezuelan Sports Minister Héctor Rodríguez, stated that "there is general agreement with all the federations that uniformity should be tricolor. We can not go with a team uniform and the other not. "

"All countries where the competitions will use the colors of their flag and we can not be the exception," he said.

However, despite the claims made by the Venezuelan minister, is not always the case in which a selection jersey bearing the colors of their flag.

For example, the selection of Italy uses the blue even though the flag has the colors green, white and red.

The reason comes from the blue banner of the royal family of Savoy, kings of Italy after the unification of the country.

Holland, whose flag has white, blue and red, is another case. The "Clockwork Orange" owes its color to the royal family of the Netherlands, and recalls the struggle of the Netherlands against Spain.

The orange was the main color of the coat of arms of William of Orange, leader of the rebellion against King Philip II of Spain, El Prudente, who in 1568 led to the War of 80 years. Once the conflict ended in 1648, seven provinces, called United Provinces now forming the Netherlands, won independence from Spain.

In the case of Venezuela, the color "Red Wine" would be derived from the mixture of the colors of the Venezuelan flag.

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