Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Calcio on January 6


Serie A and Italian football association on Tuesday reached an agreement to play matches on 6 January, a move that could precede a major deal to avoid a strike.

When the players association announced last month it postponed a strike planned for 25 and 26 September, also said it had decided not to play on Jan. 6, a holiday in Italy.

The president of the Serie A, Maurizio Beretta, said the agreement with the players to play on Jan. 6 "was a very positive, and if the collective bargaining agreement the same good will exists then we have an agreement in a few weeks in late November. "

Gianni Grazioli, general secretary of the players association, said the players agreed to play on the day of the Epiphany "by a sense of responsibility, without getting anything in return."

The players have declared that failure to reach an agreement before November 30, the strike will take place.

There are two points under discussion in the new agreement: a clause that would prevent players to refuse transfers at the end of their contracts and another that prohibits players without contracts go to spring training.

"Without these conditions, the strike will be automatic," he said last month the players´president , Sergio Campana.

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