Sunday, October 24, 2010

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The L.A. Dodgers, a baseball franchise that enjoys greater popularity in Dominican Republic, some months are focused on a kind of revival in the country, where they hope to recover much of the luster that once exhibited.

The organization, which for more than 40 years rose to fame in the Dominican after those epic battles between Juan Marichal vs. Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale, now wants to revive a lethargic which is largely produced by the constant changes of ownership the franchise has had in recent years.

Rafael Avila, creator of the largest breed of Dominican players who have fought in a franchise states that the Dodgers yearn to recover the high shine once exhibited and caused a greater number of fans took the sympathies of the team based in Los Angeles.

An example of this was that this spring, the Dodgers sent 14 junior players to the channels to U.S. minority, three more than in 2009, a fact that greatly exceeds the previous years when the average was only four or five .

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