Monday, October 11, 2010

Dominican Republic Won Medals in archery

The representation of the Dominican Republic has achieved a high profile, with seven gold medals, three silver and three bronze, in the first Ibero-American Championships Archery takes place in El Salvador, while still remaining three events to finish the contesT.

The Dominican Lya Solano has won six gold medals in the recurve mode in the tournament where archers involved Spain, Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador and the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic also Rosairys Guzman, has won two silver medals and two bronze, also in female recurve, while Paris Goico Dominican also has a bronze in the men's compound bow competition.

Rosa Guzman, also Dominican, managed a bronze medal.

Another Dominican woman who has achieved a good performance is Jennifer Veloz, who in the female compound bow tournament has gained a gold medal, one silver and two bronze. To date, the Dominican Republic has won 15 medals and with the possibility of extending that record.

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