Friday, October 1, 2010

Dominican Will Join Red Bull Team

Dominican Jacinto Peynado got his largest commitment by becoming the official pilot of the world famous Red Bull.

In addition,Red Bull will sponsor firms and Sunix Seat, which will support the Dominican challenges, both here and abroad.

"Imagine, being an official driver of this globally recognized company, it gives me the greatest challenge taken on in my career," said the broker during the team presentation in one of the rooms Avelino Abreu.

Peynado from now, will be driving a Seat Leon TFSI WTCC, 4-cylinder engine, 2,000 cc, 260 horsepower and a weight of 2.514 pounds.

"The fact of being part of a team like Red Bull, a pilot trained outside their school, I'm forced to assume a dual commitment and be confident that we will highly of himself and respond to the trust placed in us and our support staff, "said the pilot of the Dominican category Touring Series (DTS) in the national fair.

He explained that after seven years of inaction in a full championship in the country in 2011 will be acting in full.

He said that compared to this year trigger in two runs.

Jacinto will be assisted by Arturo Monzón, General Manager, Teofilo Cuesta, chief mechanic, Erik Maquiz, technical director, Fernando Valentino, Pedro Ulloa and Frank Maldonado.

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