Monday, October 18, 2010

Dominicans Buy Senadores de San Juan

After ten years of absence, puerto rico baseball team San Juan Senators return to the capital for the upcoming winter baseball season, which begins next Oct. 22.

Winter Baseball League, along with San Juan Mayor Jorge Santini, announced the official return of the franchise to Hiram Bithorn Stadium.

"After several meetings and a lengthy analysis... San Juan will feature the return of the San Juan Senators for the professional baseball season," said Santini, accompanied by dominican José Miguel Bonetti, Team Operations Manager, Junior Noboa Vice President, and Rene Francisco, general manager, among others.

San Juan Senators do not play in the capital since the 1999-2000 season. That same year, moved to Carolina to become the Giants.

The new version of the Senators proved to be the transfer of the Lobos de Arecibo.

For the second straight year, only five teams will play in the tournament. Santurce, who was also interested in playing in San Juan, decided to adjourn by not reaching an agreement with the municipal administration

Several Dominican players will be participating with this team.

It is the second franchise that is acquired in Puerto Rico by Dominican business as Mayagüez Indians are the property of Daniel Aquino, who was Leones del Escogido´s owner.

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