Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lebron Avoid Miami Beach

Lebron James has come to Miami to win as much as possible with the Heat team and not to walk around town or enjoy Miami Beach, according to the player said the day before the first serious commitment to the American Airlines.

After a week of retreat and intensive training in a military base in Florida, the Heat are presented on Tuesday before their fans in the first friendly match of the season.

Although this is only a preparation game in full season, the expectation created in Miami is maximal because for the first time you see Dwayne Wade with the two signings stars of the year: Chris Bosh and James.

The team of the Detroit Pistons will be the opponent for this coming-of the trio of Heat and James is looking forward and show the intensity of their game and rapport with their peers.

"It's important for me to know my teammates, get used to the system and learn about the franchise for all to continue to improve," said James in an interview published by the newspaper 'The Miami Herald. "

The Detroit team is a good first touchstone for Erik Spoelstra it comes to Florida with a template that includes the veteran players like Tracy McGrady, Richard Hamilton and Ben Wallace in a rebuilding process after a few years where performance franchise has fallen.

The match will also serve to gauge the situation before the Heat's next two friendlies against rivals in top form as Oklahoma City Thud or San Antonio Spurs.

Lebron said he has not had problems of adaptation and that the only "adjustment" was moving to a new city and have a happy family.

For now, his two sons are studying in Akron (Ohio), while the player has rented a house in Miami, waiting to decide where to settle definitively.

But this provisional status does not bother to James because it focuses on full pay on the court.

"I have found it difficult to come here and fit in, given my knowledge of the game," he added.

What it does rule out is to have some interest in knowing the delights of the city, the beaches or places of entertainment.

"I think it's a great city, of course, but my goal is not to come here to meet you. I came to Miami for the Heat and to represent the city, not to know," he said.

On his sore elbow, James said that is good to face the preseason opener.

"We do not know exactly what it is but after a week of hard work has not been a problem. I'm looking forward to Tuesday to face against someone else instead of myself against my own teammates," he said.

Dwayne Wade, who renewed his contract this summer after several seasons in which he became the team's franchise player, is looking forward to start now to see the game the Heat.

Wade asked, at the same time, patience fans because even the highest aspiration is to win the NBA title can not think of it now and play every day, since the season is very long. EFE

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