Saturday, October 30, 2010

Maradona Owe Money in Italy

Diego Armando Maradona celebrated his 50th birthday last week on the lawn of San Paolo stadium in Naples (southern Italy) as its problems with the IRS, which is 37 million euros, hinder a possible visit by the Argentine star to Italy.

Although in recent months is toying with the possibility that "The Fuzz" again putting on his football boots to play a charity game with some of his old friends in Naples, his
debt to the Italian tax authorities think he has second thoughts about the visit.

The last time I set foot in the country, the Guardia di Finanza (Italian financial police) seized her earrings llevabadurante your stay at a health farm in northern Italy to pay off some debt.

One of them was auctioned and sold last January for 25,000 euros per player of Palermo Fabrizio Miccoli.

The possible return for his 50th birthday alerted the Italian authorities and Equitalia, the public company in charge of collecting taxes in Italy, as recalled in September that
"Maradona is the amount that the Treasury is money owed to all Italians."

A debt which amounts to almost 37 million euros and has been building up for years due to non-payment of tax on individuals income tax during the second half of the decade of the
80's, while playing for Naples, and interests which increases nearly three thousand euros daily.

Besides earrings, Italian authorities confiscated in 2006 by Rolex brand watch worth 11,000 euros advantage of the visits to the country.

Perhaps for these reasons, Maradona has decided to postpone his return to the city where he played from 1984 to 1991 and where he lived much sporting success as one of the darkest periods of its

In addition to winning two league titles, one Italian Cup, a UEFA Cup and become an icon of a generation, the end of the eighties led to one of the most difficult moments in the life of "10."

The numerous scandals and a positive test for cocaine in a drugs test after a match against Bari made him leave Italy in 1991.

However, his excesses have not diminished the love he professes the city of Naples, a veritable shrine to football.

Without their presence on the field but with the memory of the years who played for Naples, his followers have developed a peculiar conclusion that, under the name "Marathon Maradona", includes
exposure of a hair from "The Fuzz", a papier-mâché figure of life size display of a figurine surostro Bethlehem.

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