Thursday, October 7, 2010

Morales Ashamed for Kicking a Soccer Player

President Evo Morales publicly apologized for a shot that struck a player on Sunday when he played football with a team of his political rival in La Paz.

"I regret very much my reaction, I apologize to the player. It was a mistake, the sport is integration, but then I realized it was a trap," Morales said during a news conference.

After the failure he suffered, Morales approached the opposing player and knocked him down with a knee under the belly and without the ball in between, in the game with the team of the mayor of La Paz Luis Revilla. These images were seen around the world.

The referee did not drive to Morales, as he did with the player who had come to mark the agent with toperoles front. The president said that because the player reacted when he claimed insulted him.

"I was not with the ball, it was my second touch of the ball. It came planchazo ball, a belly flop that surprised me was the hallmark of toperoles" on the skin, he said. But television pictures show that the offense was committed with the ball.

Said it was not the first time I reacted that way and recalled a passage from when I was recruited in the barracks and threw the soup to a soldier who had offended him.

Government Palace on Monday released a medical report noted a "laceration of skin at the inner front right leg (Morales), caused by a sudden move" and recommended the president a "rest for three to four days. "

The report hit the news after the images were broadcast on YouTube.

Morales is a soccer fan, always plays with the jersey and his teammates are officers and members of his security.

With the mayor of La Paz were political allies until January, distanced following municipal elections in La Paz were won by Revilla party, the Movimiento Sin Miedo (MSM).

The differences became irreconcilable after the Comptroller's Office, headed by a member of Morales' party, order an investigation to Revilla, who described the process as a political maneuver designed to remove him.

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