Sunday, October 3, 2010

NBA Increase Fouls

Technical fouls in the NBA will be twice as expensive in the new season. The NBA told the teams in a memorandum that economic sanctions will double the amount of last season. The contents of the document was confirmed to The Associated Press on Friday.

Players and coaches will be punished individually with $ 2,000 for each of his first technical fouls.

The cost increases to 3,000 by the following five and grows to 4,000 between the 11th and 15th. From the 16th, players will be suspended one game for every two technical fouls and fined $ 5,000 each.

The number of technical fouls in the season could be increased starting Oct. 26, as the NBA and made the decision to limit complaints about refereeing decisions.

The league will now consider technical fouls ostensibly offensive gestures, such as bending an arm in protest, although not directed at a referee.

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