Monday, October 11, 2010

Nigerian positive in doping!image/905910005.jpg_gen/derivatives/box_475/905910005.jpg

The Nigerian Osayomi Oludamola champion of the 100 meters at the Commonwealth Games, tested positive in doping test and could be stripped of his gold medal.

Nigerian sprinter who won the 100 meters even though he finished second for the winner, Australia's Sally Pearson, was disqualified after a false start, yielded a positive result in doping test for the banned stimulant consumption metilexanemina , said Monday the president of the Federation of the Commonwealth Games, Mike Fennell.

"Any positive test, either in a competition of attractive or not is something we regret very much because we want a clean game, a clean sport and fair competition," said Fennell. Added that there has been no decision yet about the medals.

"You do not know what kind of damage can occur as a result of these tests, but we want to inform everyone that we are very attentive and the trials and laboratory tests have the highest levels" of trust.

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