Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Presidente Beer Awarded Virtual League Winners

Presidente beer during six months provided entertainment for fans of the brand and the Major League Baseball with Virtual League Baseball and Chairman of fulfilling the dream ended three fans who will be in the World Series.

Virtual League MLB President was well received in the Dominican Republic with over 10,000 registered players. Participants also enjoy the game, competed for prizes each week, three of them were All-Star and now the winners were selected to attend the famous "fall classic."

"We are very pleased with the huge success of the first virtual baseball league that is made in the Dominican Republic. Thousands of Dominicans had the opportunity to manage your own team for an entire season and the players enjoyed outstanding first-Star Game and World Series now, "said Maria Martinez, President Brand Manager.

Lawrence Beltrán, Daniel Alberto Peña Martinez and Samuel Peña were the big winners of this first season of "fantasy" MLB President to finish in the top three spots in the standings and will be part of an unforgettable experience.

The winners will participate in various activities during their trip to the main stage of baseball in the world, which receive preferential treatment.

In addition, World Series will be at the headquarters of the three matches being played at the stadium of winning the American League pennant, whether New York Yankees and Texas Rangers.

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