Sunday, October 17, 2010

A-rod Earn money from Yanks and Texas

Dominican Alex Rodriguez is getting paid for the two teams contesting the championship series of the American League. This had been the last season of 10-year contract and $ 252 million he signed with the Texas Rangers.

Rodriguez resigned his clause to be traded and was not transferred to the New York Yankees before spring training in 2004. After the 2007 season record waiver of that agreement, and later signed an even bigger, your contract for 10 years and $ 275 million with the Yankees.

When the new ownership group of Rangers, led by former pitcher Nolan Ryan and businessman Chuck Greenberg, laughed acquired the team in mid 2010 in a bankruptcy auction, the winning bid included money to pay creditors uninsured of which the largest is A-Rod who is owed $ 24.9 million in deferred compensation.

Texas is in the first series for the American League championship after winning their first Western Division title in the league since 1999, two seasons before Arod debut with the Rangers.

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