Monday, October 18, 2010

Rodriguez won Golf Claro

Rafael Rodríguez obviated the rumors about the difficulty of the course of Iberostate Hotel, took the field with the intention of having fun and he did great with 73 hits, best gross score of the final stop of the Tour de Golf course 2010.

Rodriguez was ranked next to the winning couples in categories A, B and C at the Copa Telcel, Acapulco events to be held in Mexico in November. "This camp was a great experience. I heard a lot about the difficulty of it, but the only problem I faced was that of the speed of the greens, "the individual champion of fair play in the Best Ball format.

Rodriguez was higher in an area that most participants considered as a challenger. "Yes. It is a challenge, but enjoy the view and the general condition of the land, "he added.

At the end of the Golf Tour course, couples who participated were the three places in each category in the five stops qualifier held during the year in various fields of geography.

The duo composed of Andrés Manuel Díaz Dilonex and took top honors in the category with a net score of 67 strokes. Both golfers alike say the key to his experience as a victory.

"We played a lot together and that experience weighed in the final. We came with a winning mentality and we accomplished what we wanted, "said Dilonex.

Diaz said the defining moment of the partition was a birdie on the two. "Emboque a long putt on this hole, a real fast so that was the green," he said.

Category B was dominated by golfers Bojos Samuel Bueno and Jose, who threw for a net score of 64 to secure the ticket to Acapulco.

"We knew we could compete but to win is something special. Now we go to Mexico yet to find another win, "said Bueno.

In this level things were in a family with the triumph of Cesar Roque and his namesake son, who signed a 69. "I felt so much support from my father. Playing with him was a unique opportunity, "said Cesar Roque child.

The traditional special prizes were awarded to Enmanuel Diaz, longest drive on hole five, Santiago Hazim, most accurate drive on hole 7, and Franklin Romero, close to the flag.

Oscar Peña, president of the Dominican Telephone Company, was pleased by the support of the Dominican golfers golf tour course. "This third year has been a success. The players returned to enroll in mass in each of the stops and were extremely pleased, "said the executive.

Highlighted the technical quality of the competition and wanted a good representation Dominican Acapulco. "We know that the winners will make their effort to represent with dignity to the Dominican Republic in the Telcel Cup," said Peña.

The Golf Tour course is the fastest growing golfing event in recent years, thanks to the high demand for quota players looking to participate in parades, whose headquarters are alternated in the most prestigious fields.

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