Monday, November 29, 2010

Celtics' Perkins Back in January

Kendrick Perkins can now look ahead (so optimistic and realistic) to the day when once again play basketball for the NBA Boston Celtics.

He said that that day is not too far, and points to a return date in mid to late January.

When many people will actually return to thank you for that help you through recovery from knee surgery large.

But two stand out: Wes Welker, New England Patriots, and a deceased person whose identity will remain unknown forever.

Perkins tore ligaments in his right knee during the sixth game of the NBA Finals series 2010. He waited a month before surgery.

Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo Failed in Clasico against Barcelona

"Barca plays tiqui-taca more and more with us in order to get ahead faster," Ronaldo said before the game.

Counterpunch not counted that had to steal some balls and do it often. Would not have imagined that the party waiting in the rain you got a ball. Neither suspected that there are times when patience is more difficult to be brave.

And, lost his temper, eventually getting into trouble. It was when he got a pass and the ball went out just in front of the local bench.

Guardiola controlled the ball with great panache and took his foot to the hands. This technical movements to Cristiano got riled up, he used his pecs and triceps to push hypertrophic Guardiola, slight man, shook like a rag doll. Iniesta came, it almost takes a slap, and then Valdes.

There was an outbreak of melee and the referee Iturralde González, litigated with a yellow card for Cristiano.

The Camp Nou gave him a squeaky puff and sharp and he responded by asking and addressing the ball.

Faced as a man possessed.
Inside and the two bands. Alves hit against Abidal. Lost individual disputes. He pulled off a free kick, finished another play from 40 meters, and almost gets hand in hand with Valdes, but the keeper took the ball from him a slap.

More or less like Cristiano production ended in the sixth game of his career against Barca. With the same goals as before.

That is, none. And Mourinho hidden behind the bench for the first time since joining Madrid. Disappeared under the persistent song of the ruthless crowd: "Get off the bench, Mourinho!".

Barcelona won Real Madrid 5-0

FC Barcelona coach, Josep Guardiola, dedicated the win over Real Madrid to Carles Reixach and Johan Cruyff, his mentors at the time where he was a player and captain of the Catalan club.

Spanish champion coach was very happy with the win and especially for achieving respect and impose an identity of offensive game and gallant, who learned the Dutch wing of DT successful, with which also thrashed 5-0 at table merengue in 1994.

"I dedicate this victory to Carles Reixach and Johan Cruyff, they are taught this way. This victory is for all who have believed in this way of playing for 15 years", said at a news conference.

Guardiola also highlighted the contribution of the quarry, since three of the five goals (Xavi, Pedro and Jeffren) were scored by players who developed in Barcelona.

"We can not find another team in the world that creates both house people (...) We get people back to enjoy, without losing our roots and that gives meaning to our work", he said.

Finally, Guardiola stressed the superiority over another great soccer." We have overcome a powerful team with a very broad and win like we did makes me very happy", he said.

Notably, 'Pep' won five super classic played against Real Madrid and this result confirmed the best league start of his three seasons at the club, with 11 wins, one draw and one defeat.

Federer Defeated Nadal

Roger Federer won for the fifth time to win the Masters Cup in Sunday's final 6-3, 3-6, 6-1 to Rafael Nadal.

Federer controlled the first set, losing just three points on his serve and breaking the Spanish number one service to go up 5-3.

The Swiss took almost as well in the second set, losing just five points, but four were in the fourth game that Nadal won to go up 3-1.

Spanish, wisely, protect their service the rest of the manga to tie the game.

With Nadal exhausted after a difficult semifinal match on Saturday, Federer dominated the third set easily.

Blackout in Dominican Baseball Game

Executive Vice President of the Dominican Corporation of State Electrical Companies (CDEEE), Celso Marranzini, ordered drastic measures against those responsible to terminate electrical service to the stadium in San Pedro de Macoris in the middle of a game between Gigantes del Cibao and Estrellas Orientales .

Marranzini, who is also chairman of the board of directors of the electricity distribution companies, the manager instructed Edeeste, Francisco Leiva, so that the demand control manager and supervisor of the area are terminated for serious misconduct in the service negligence, lack of passion and identity with the company, which could involve the loss of employment benefits.

He warned that a lack of common sense intolerable suspend power to a stadium in the middle of a baseball game, but the cuts are listed in the schedules of the electricity distribution companies. For this reason, apologized to fans of both dominican baseball teams.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mourinho Headed to Hall of Fame

Jose Mourinho was inducted into the League Managers Association's Hall of Fame on Sunday, claiming his time in England was "the best time of my career so far".

The former Chelsea manager, now in charge of Real Madrid, was speaking as a guest of honour at the LMA's annual Hall of Fame dinner at London's Park Lane hotel.

On joining Sir Alex Ferguson, Sir Matt Busby, Bob Paisley and Arsene Wenger in the Hall of Fame, Mourinho said: "I am very proud of this because I am not British and I spent just over three years in the Barclays Premier League - which is not a significant time to create a big history.

"But the time I spent here was the best time of my career so far - and that's despite winning the Champions League in Portugal and Italy. Tonight is special for me as I get to see people I like very much and respect. I still have a home here and me and my family are still in love and will always be in love with this country. So to be back is almost to be at home.

"The atmosphere, the intensity and the emotion in England is something you cannot compare with other countries and for somebody who is really in love with the game, as I am, this is the place where you enjoy it the most.''

The LMA encourages younger coaches who want to be managers to serve an apprenticeship and have a mentor - and Mourinho spoke of his time learning from Sir Bobby Robson at Barcelona.

He explained: "I was a lucky man because I have had some crucial moments in my career and one of the crucial moments was when I had the chance to work with him - not just because he was as a great manager but he was a great person. I think everybody who had the chance to meet him and had a few moments, or in my case a few years, felt privileged.

"I learned so much from my experiences with him. I always remember with a little smile that after I was upset after a defeat he said 'don't be sad because in the other dressing room someone is bouncing around with happiness' - so I always remember good moments with him and every moment was a good one.''

United boss Ferguson, now 69, said this week he has no intention of retiring and 47-year-old Mourinho is also hoping for a long career in management.

He explained: "I hope he continues for years and I get to face him a few more times. When I am in my 50s or 60s, I also see myself still in football with the same ambitions and desires. So I understand why he wants to continue. It was the same with Bobby Robson. I see myself continuing for many years.''

On his own career Mourinho said: "In the beginning I had the pressure because I went into management after not being a top player, so I had a lot of things to prove. After Porto the pressure was the question 'can he achieve abroad?' Everything then went well in England. Italy is the home of tactics, so the question then was 'is he a good leader and a good tactician, can he compete in this world of football?' Yes I could.

"Now I go to Spain and everybody says 'Real Madrid is an incredible club, a club different to any other club - can he cope with it?' So I am trying to prove that I can and step by step, stage by stage with this new challenge it motivates me more and more.''

Lebron Not Worried about Cleveland

LeBron James is already thinking about his return to Cleveland next week.

"How can I not [think about it]?" James said Friday before the Heat took on the 76ers. "It is going to be a real hostile environment, I know. It is going to be pretty intense."

Earlier this week, ESPN's Chris Broussard reported the Cavs were planning increased security measures and would remove signs or fans who were being excessively offensive to former Cavs star.

The team and the league have been working together to prepare for the game.

On Thursday, Cavs owner Dan Gilbert wrote on his Twitter account: "... Obviously no profanity, vulgar stuff [you] wouldn't want kids [to] see but we are not going [to] be the Gestapo."

James said he felt the Cavs and the NBA would take measures to keep all the players safe from what is expected to be an emotionally charged crowd at Quicken Loans Arena.

"I'm not concerned [about safety]," James said. "It is a good league and they do their best to try to make sure the players and the fans have a good time."

During his seven years with the Cavs, James was used to having numerous friends and family courtside for each game. That included his two sons, who are living with James' girlfriend in his hometown of Akron.

He said he's still deciding whether any family or friends will attend the game.

"It would probably be a good idea to keep my friends and family away," James said. "But it might be hard ... they want to see it too. We'll see."

London 2012 Will have high Security

The level of security in Britain during the London 2012 Olympic Games remain on high alert, counterterrorism minister said yesterday.

The current threat level was raised to the second highest in January, which means that a terrorist attack is likely.

To test the preparedness to deal with a major incident, several drills must be conducted before the opening ceremony of the Games on July 27, 2012.

Licey Fired Manager Clark

The management of the Tigres del Licey last night announced the dismissal of Dave Clark, pitching coach Ramon Martinez and third base coach John Tamargo, after the team lost to the Estrellas Orientales 6-2, in match held at Quisqueya Park .

Not immediately say who will assume leadership of the team, but announced that Guy Conti will be the new pitching coach, while the third leader and coach will be announced this afternoon.

The announcement was made last night by Fernando Ravelo, general manager of Licey, shortly after completing the game, while the leader Dave Clark reported that the equipment is available.

Persistent rumors pointed to Rafael Landestoy as a possible new manager.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Jeter Should be Reasonable

The Yankees have told Derek Jeter to test the market if he believes that exists a better offer for him, and now Hank Steinbrenner was asked how the team will have to pay their stars.

"As much as we want to retain all, we have done very, very rich with these guys, and I do not think we owe anything to anyone at the economic level," said co-owner of The Associated Press. "Some of these players are richer than their bosses."

The Yankees have offered a covenant Jeter three years and $ 45 million, which the veteran is inclined to reject. Jeter comes from completing a 10-year, $ 189 million, earning $ 21 million in 2010.

New York also has a priority re-signing Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte, while attempting to sign left-hander Cliff Lee as a free agent.

"We want to retain Derek? Of course you do, obviously," Steinbrenner said. "Obviously we all want to retain Derek and we all want to retain Mo."

The Yankees general manager Brian Cashman has said the offer to Jeter is fair, with some concerns from the standpoint of the team about the performance of present and future shortstop.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Jackson Feels Miami Heat Pressured

Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson was not surprised by the fact that the revamped Miami Heat are having difficulties.
But remember that if they can not find their game as soon as possible, on the coach, Erik Spoelstra, could be numbered.

After the addition of LeBron James and Chris Bosh to join Dwyane Wade, Miami has limped to a 8-6 record.

Wade has been beaten, Mike Miller has not played a single game and now Udonis Haslem could miss much playing time.

"I think that record speaks volumes about the fact meet some guys with real talent without a solid base," said Jackson in "The Waddle & Silvy Show" on ESPN 1000 in Chicago. "And then some things happened, Wade was injured.

Are still kind of search through roles and working on them during practice, "continued Jackson.

Jackson acknowledged that public sentiment is working against the Heat at the moment rather than encourage them so they can change things.

"I think many are waiting to fail because of the way in which the formation of this squad," said Jackson. "There is much about public sentiment. It relies heavily on how the above affect the result and I think things just put some good will for them and move on."

With expectations so high before starting the season after the team president Pat Riley, to gather his dream team, the pressure is on Spoelstra. When the Heat struggled after a 11-10 start in the 2005-06 season, Riley shocked the league by replacing Stan Van Gundy on the bench in Miami. He had not coached since the 2002-03 season, but led the Heat to the NBA championship.

"The picture behind the scenes is that over time these boys were recruited - Bosh and James - by Pat Riley and Micky Arison, the owner will come and say, '[Riley] feel we can do a better job coaching team. We came here hoping to make this work 'and that sort of thing, "said Jackson. "That's my opinion, is that over time, if things straighten out soon, it could be Van Gundy's situation again."

Jackson extended his thoughts through comments to reporters before the Lakers played the Chicago Bulls in Los Angeles on Tuesday night.

"I think over time, if things do not change, the weight will fall where they do not have the success they expected. Iran for the players who made some kind of change," said Jackson. "It is easier to change coaches & teams after the first have made all necessary adjustments on the players.

"There are chances of that happening, I think. But it would take more losses than we have seen."

The two-time defending champion Lakers are moving smoothly again with a 12-2 mark. The Boston Celtics, who met in the Final of 2010, remain the beast of the East, according to Jackson.

"Right now, Miami has not been shown - the defense has improved. I really have not proven to be a team before you really have to plan to defend against such outstanding players. And that will be part of the plan. Boston still produces the multiplier effect as team basketball. "

Boras Lend Money to dominican players

Scott Boras' players company's paid thousands of dollars to families of prospects in the Dominican Republic reported yesterday the New York Times.

The report quoted people connected with Boras. The Times said that loans and payments raise questions about the possibility that the company has violated the rules of the association of major leaguers on the behavior of agents.

Boras is possibly the most powerful agent in baseball. The Times said in a statement that Boras declined to say if loans were made, but acknowledged that his company had helped to players and their families in the past.

Boras said that such aid always met with the regulations of the players' union, which seeks to prevent the leaflets have a financial obligation to the agents, the Times said.

Under union rules, agents are prohibited from loans made more than $ 500 a year to players and their families, unless the union to explain the reason for the loan, the Times said.

A spokesman for the players' association declined to comment whether the company Boras informed the players union loan.

Domingo Ramos, a former major leaguer who works for Boras, told the company each year usually represents a few of the top Dominican prospects and gave loans to the majority.

The money was usually used for food, shelter and other necessities, he said.

" Sometimes we recover (money), sometimes not,''Ramos said the Times. "Sometimes it is difficult to recover. It's that simple.''

The Times said the company Boras lent his client Edward Salcedo and his family $ 70,000 from 2007 to 2009, according to the brother of shortstop, Thommy, and Martiris Hanley, a former employee of Boras.

They said the loan would be repaid with future earnings Salcedo. Salcedo, however, hired a new coach Dominican in 2009 and in February won a contract for $ 1.6 million with the Atlanta Braves, the Times reported.

One of the employees of Boras called days later to the player's family and demanded immediate payment of the loan, Thommy said Salcedo.

"We thought if we went with another agent, Boras was going to push harder for the money, and my mother had many debts and could not afford it,''said Thommy Salcedo. He said his brother returned to Boras.

Edward Salcedo, 19, batted .197 with two homers and 16 RBIs in 54 games this year at Class-A. He said it is still represented by Boras and has not paid the money, the Times reported.

Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico Will play Baseball All Star

A selection of players from Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic will compete next on Dec. 12 in the fifth edition of the Interleague All Star Game at the stadium Isidoro "Cholo" Garcia at Mayagüez, organizers reported today.

Vice President of the Association of Professional Baseball Players of Puerto Rico, Yamil Benitez said in a press release at the moment, some players will play Puerto Rican are Alex Cora, Luis 'Wicho' Figueroa, and Jesus 'Motorita' Feliciano .

"I think this year we have a good nucleus. There are young players and others with experience in the Major Leagues," he said.

The Dominican team, meanwhile, has not yet been made.

The first interleague game took place in the 2003-04 season and was held without interruption until the 2006-07 season.

Puerto Rico won the first edition, while Dominicans won the next three. In the 2007-08 season, the Puerto Rican league break, but in the last year, the Dominican team traveled to Venezuela to celebrate the highly anticipated game.

In total, the Dominican Republic is 3-1 against Puerto Rico.

New York Mets Introduce new Manager

Terry Collins went to Japan and China to manage baseball teams in the 11 years since he was last seen by a team in the majors.
Lifting New York Mets could be his toughest assignment.

Collins was introduced Tuesday as the 20th manager in the history of the Mets, a franchise that seeks to reinvent itself after four years without reaching the playoffs.

Collins, coordinator of minor league field for the Mets last season, signed a two-year contract with a club option for 2013.

"I love this job," said Collins. "I will ensure that New York Mets to be successful and win more matches and we want to be the last team standing in October."

The new general manager Sandy Alderson Collins chose from a list of candidates that included Wally Backman, Chip Hale and Bob Melvin. Collins replaces Jerry Manuel, who was fired along with general manager Omar Minaya, after the second consecutive season with a losing record.

Collins, 61, returns to lead in majors since resigned from the Angels in the midst of a revolt by players in 1999. Hale returns to his job as third base coach, and Backman will be in the minors. Alderson said the pitching coach, Dan Warthen, will also be back, while hitting coach Howard Johnson will be appointed to another job.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dominican Sports Cry Beras Goico's Death

The top leaders of the nation's sports, athletes and personalities, wept yesterday in the coffin of Freddy Beras Goico, who died early Thursday and will be buried today at Gate of Heaven Cemetery.

Felipe Payano, Minister of Sports; Luisin Mejía, Dominican Olympic Committee (COD) and Jose Joaquin Puello, president of COD Ad Vitam, agreed that Freddy was a titan in supporting the national sport.

Payano, Mejia and Puello Herrera, spoke in the presence of relatives of Beras Goico and hundreds of people marched through the Palace of Fine Arts to bid farewell to one of the largest and most notorious public figure.

Sports leaders recalled the contributions of Beras Goico.

Jay Payano said that Freddy was a full partner.

Luisin recalled that in 1997 when Mao's National Games Goicio Beras nearly died when he suffered a plane crash which also unharmed Santiaguito Frías and the pilot.

Puello Herrera, a longtime friend of Freddy, said he has been a blow to the sport.

He considered it as a major exponent of the 2003 Panamerican Games.

Real Madrid and Barcelona won with many goals

Real Madrid, with Cristiano Ronaldo's hat-trick, thrashed Athletic Bilbao 5-1, yesterday in the 12th day of the Spanish League and reach the Classic as a leader with a point ahead of Barcelona, who crushed 8-0 Almeria, with a hat trick of Leo Messi.

The Catalans had temporarily taken the lead after his historic victory in Andalusia, which equals the record for most League away win from -8 to 0 of Barcelona itself in Las Palmas in 1959 - but the 'meringues' option and kept were not the lead, also with authority.

Cristiano Ronaldo signed three of the many (30, 62, 90 2), in a game also marked the Argentine Gonzalo Higuain (19), after a good ball in the area of compatriot Angel Di Maria and Sergio Ramos (57 of penalty). For the Athletic won the honor of both its star, Fernando Llorente (40).

This 'triplet', the astro luso still leads the scorers table, ahead of Argentina's Lionel Messi, accumulating 13 goals.

The League provides 14 to Ronaldo, but the newspaper Marca that the trophy Pichichi gives 15 for a lack of both authored sparked controversy in its day and that some attributed to Pepe, the last to touch the ball.

The win over Athletic was the response from Jose Mourinho's men to the display Barca in Almería (8-0).

Messi (16, 36, 76), Bojan Krkic (61, 72), Iniesta (18), Pedro (34) and an own goal by Santiago Acasiete Peruvian (26).

"This is not alert anyone, we just played and do our job, which was to win, and we succeeded," he said after the clash Barcelona coach, Josep Guardiola.

With his hat trick, the Argentine star ended a great week, which on Wednesday reached the goal in injury time in their selection to defeat Brazil in Doha (1-0), and went on to lead the scoring charts Spanish League with 13 goals.

The 'Flea' also surpassed the barrier of 100 goals scored in the Spanish national championships, accumulating and 101.

In the Almería match, the 'student' Guardiola, who decided to leave the entrance to Gerard Pique on the bench, sank one of their 'masters' and great friends, Juan Manuel Lillo, who was fired with loud boos after the humiliation received .

Gale Barca soon raze the stadium Almeria and Messi opened the scoring at 16 behind a wall with David Villa, shortly before Andres Iniesta and put distance on the scoreboard with the second (18), taking advantage of a mistake by goalkeeper Diego Alves in a punt.

The third came at 26, when the Brazilian tried to pass Maxwell's death in the area and Peruvian defender Acasiete, who wanted to punt, the ball into his own net.

Before the break, Barca had time to do two more: first with a counter which led Peter at 34 and the next attack, at 36, with a shot from Messi his first touch after a great pass from Peter himself.

Yet decided, Guardiola, Xavi and Iniesta changed to give them rest, but the team did not lift off the throttle: Bojan won the sixth after an inmate in the area (61), Messi the seventh after a new evil reject the goalkeeper ( 66) and Bojan again signed the eighth in 72.

In the first game of the twelfth round of the championship, Villarreal and Valencia had tied 1-1, with the first, third in the table, maintain their three point lead over the visitors, rooms, though both are now further head of the table.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Balotelli Ask for help about racism in soccer

Mario Balotelli called for help to combat racism in Italian football.

The striker, who was born in Italy to Ghanaian parents, he was booed every time he touched the ball Wednesday in a friendly between Italy and Romania in Austria. The insults came from a group of about 100 Italian ultras who traveled to the meeting.

"Yesterday (Wednesday) was very disappointed and did not mean anything. The only thing is that I only I can do nothing. Everybody has to do something against racism," Balotelli on Thursday told Sky Italia.

Balotelli's agent, Mino Raiola, asked the Italian football federation to intervene.

The striker admitted he thought about abandoning the field, but he told himself that he "was not worth it", while grateful for the support received from peers and the Italian coach, Cesare Prandelli.

With respect to the boos and insults received by Balotelli in Hypo Arena stadium in Klagenfurt, Austria, both from Italian and Romanian fans, vice president of the Italian Football Federation (FIGC), Demetrio Albertini, said the "Football was only a pretext."

Americans Invest in Dominican Baseball Prospects

The New York Times says that the recruitment of young talent in baseball in the Dominican Republic has become a new form of investment in the United States has found in them a lucrative business that can obtain high fees once become stars.

The Times reported on its front page yesterday by a report that this new type of investment has become popular among many Americans of the baseball world and related to the Caribbean country, including the former partner of the Yankees, Steve Swindal, and former ambassador United States in the Dominican Republic, Hans Hertell.

With the help of so called "hustlers", aimed at finding young talent, or through the construction of baseball academies in the Dominican Republic, investors financed the training of young people from 13 years, mostly from poor families , says the newspaper.

In return, these investors agree to receive in some cases up to 50% of revenues once the athlete gets on major league baseball, a much higher percentage than the 5% who normally receive this type of investment in the U.S.

Some voices, like the international law professor at the University of Indiana, David Fidler, have been raised against this practice as it is alienating young people in elementary education from an early age.

According to Fidler said this journal, such investments also carry the risk of working with "hustlers" who often are involved in child trafficking.

That is one of the factors that generated fear among investors.

World Champion Spain lose again

Andres Iniesta said that La Roja can not afford to lose a third game by a landslide, after losing to Portugal and Argentina in the last two friendlies.

"We had a bad game against Argentina (Spain fell 4-1 in September at the Monumental stadium), and now face Portugal (4-0 loss yesterday in Lisbon), so we can not have a third party like this," Iniesta at a press conference in the sports city of Sant Joan Despi before training with Barcelona selected.

"We need to know what is at stake, we can not afford to lose this way," he said with wounded pride.

The Barcelona player said "if necessary calls to apologize," but stressed that he thinks "when a player leaves the field tries to make the best possible" and, therefore, there is nothing to reproach.

"Sometimes things go well and others not, but we must have a clear conscience," he said.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gerrard Injured in Friendly Against France

The Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard could be out for three to four weeks by hamstring problems he suffered during Wednesday's game against France, in which England was defeated (1-2) at Wembley.

"Steven suffered last night (Wednesday) a hamstring injury. We have made a preliminary test here and it certainly seems a major hamstring injury," Brukner said, adding: "I fear that he will be sidelined for some time. I imagine it might be off the field three to four weeks. "

The injury has caused unease in Liverpool, because Gerrard and dragging discomfort and was scheduled to play only one hour's friendly against France, but the casualties of other players led by coach Fabio Capello, to keep him in the game.

Five minutes from the end of the match, had to leave the field injured.

Bonds, Sosa and Marichal Invited to Mauricio Baez Club

Plaza Cultural Mauricio Baez will be the ideal setting to receive a constellation of stars of sport and art from today, when the room starts Dominican Global Film Festival 2010.

Tomorrow night will be the star, with the presence of President Leonel Fernandez Reyna, in which Barry Bonds, Juan Marichal and Sammy Sosa will make a presentation at the cultural plaza, located in the area of Villa Juana.

The outstanding baseball players, who shone in the big leagues, will host a talk to be held after the screening of the film "Buscón -Locator"-Cheater ", directed by AnthonyAlcalde.

Hundreds of children will welcome the three stars.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Vetel new F1 Champion

Sebastian Vettel yesterday proclaimed champion of Formula One with a remarkable victory in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, snatching of hand the title to Fernando Alonso.

At 23 years, four months and 11 days, the German Vettel became the youngest driver in history to be devoted champion. Vettel is six months younger when Lewis Hamilton was crowned in 2008.

His coronation was difficult to imagine to be the beginning of the last race of the season as the Red Bull driver started the day 15 points behind champion Alonso.

"It's been an amazing adventure, I can not believe I won the championship in the last race," Vettel said. "It's been a very intense and a lot of pressure."

Vettel took off first in the grid and dominated from start to finish. The Spanish Alonso was seventh in his Ferrari when a mere podium was enough to win the title.

"Everything went upside down," lamented Alonso.

The final difference in the drivers' standings between Vettel and Alonso was four points.

"Weltmeister!" Shouted the team elated Vettel on the radio of the car when it crossed the line, using the German word meaning world champion. Mechanical engineers and Red Bull are embracing. Alonso was the other side of the coin, clearly furious when he left his Ferrari with Petrov.

New York Yankees Mariano and Pettite Will Travel to Dominican Republic

The star pitchers who have play with the New York Yankees, Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte will arrive to the Dominican Republic tomorrow invited by the prestigious institution "Score International" to begin on Tuesday a series of clinics in Santo Domingo and the interior.

The information released yesterday by the Director of Sports Score International in the Dominican Republic, the former national basketball team, Geovanny Valdez, in a press release.

He commented that the country is also the pitcher Andy Bennet, played with the San Diego Padres, and start from today several sports clinics in different parts of the capital and interior of the country take the word of God through baseball .

"We already have several years bringing greats of Major League Baseball to bring the word of God and raise awareness in children and young people to look for the Creator and follow their steps and there is no better way than sports," Valdez said.

He said that today will announce the places where baseball clinics will be held with these great figures.

Guillen in Drugs Investigations

Dominican Jose Guillen, outfielder San Francisco Giants, is being investigated by authorities for allegedly organizing last September a shipment of almost 50 syringes loaded with human growth hormone (HGH), reported yesterday by New York Daily News.

Citing a source close to a federal investigation into the case, the newspaper said that sending Guillen was intercepted by agents of the U.S. anti-drug office, which monitor all suspicious packages arriving in the country.

The package in question was sent home for Guillen, addressed to his wife, Yamel Guillen, and came in the last week of September just when the Giants were fighting for a playoff spot, the newspaper said.

Federal officials alerted the majors on shipping are still investigating the case and anyone else involved in baseball.

Pacquiao Defeated Margarito

The Filipino Manny Pacquiao yesterday was based both in his speed and his power to dominate the Mexican Antonio Margarito and win his eighth world title, this time in the super welterweight category.

Pacquiao used speed to compensate for their smaller size compared to Mexico and hit shots from the start and often.

He left his rival's face bloodied by a cut on one cheek, right eye swollen shut and left. The fight was lopsided from the start. The Filipino seemed on the verge of the knockout in the later rounds, but settled for a unanimous decision by the difference.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thiago is the new Barsa's Star

Pep Guardiola ensures that "quality is a little different from many players in the squad," said the coach who is a footballer "bold, brash and very ambitious."

Talk about Thiago Alcántara, the last major appearance of a player's factory in La Masia, a different player who knocks at the doors of the first team-based class and creativity, able to associate with himself as Leo Messi and progression does not appear have a roof.

Thiago Alcántara do Nascimento (Bari, 1991) has football in his genes. Mazinho is the son of world champion with Brazil in 1994, which was considered as his "idol forever." This is a hard competitor, of pointing to the top since he started playing little at Flamengo.

Born in Bari (Italy), at the stage where his father played in the ranks of Lecce, Thiago lived a few years of his childhood in Brazil with her mother, Valeria Alcantara, a volleyball player.

Then, when Mazinho joined Valencia, the family moved to Spain. From Valencia to Vigo, where Thiago started playing in the Val Miñor Nigrán. Thus dawned, he did so well that the great Spanish football is interested in him.

The family chose Barcelona as final destination. At fourteen he signed a form with the cadet B. Then came the youth team and in the 2007-08 season, Pep Guardiola, coach of reserve team, he began to minutes.

And little by little, Thiago was growing. The player and often noted for his vision, his dribble and on arrival, a chrome that Barca has not repeated, something that did not go unnoticed by Barça.

Pujlols won Golden Glove

Outfielder Carlos Gonzalez won on Wednesday his first Gold Glove, while catcher Yadier Molina and first baseman Albert Pujols also won the award for defensive excellence in the National League.

Pujols, the star of the St. Louis Cardinals, won his second Gold Glove and first since 2006, while teammate Molina got his third.

Shortstop Troy Tulowitzki (Colorado) and pitcher Bronson Arroyo (Cincinnati) also won his first Gold Glove

The Reds, the team whose .988 fielding percentage was the best in the majors, we have three winners. Aside from Arroyo, second baseman Brandon Phillips and third baseman Scott Rolen were the other winners. Rolen and Pujols now has eight with two.

Leones del Escogido present the most beautiful dancers

"We're not dancers, we want you to know that we are professional models and we are just moving into another facet of our lives."

That remains the general of five of the beautiful girls Cheerleaders Chosen Lions Baseball Tournament Local Fall-winter.

Paola Aristizabal, Paula Andrea Giraldo, Sarah and Juliana Herrera Jaramillo, Colombia's four, along with the Puerto Rican and Dominican Darla Pacheco Yaderín Aquino, the girls are red, rhythmic movements which are causing a stir among fans of native winter ball.

In recent years it has become almost essential for teams to have dancers attractive to attract the gaze of thousands of fans who regularly attend the stadiums.

If these are foreigners get much more curious fans. This I know the organizers and sponsors, hence the predominance of foreign dancers in recent years.

The girls, more voluptuous and sensual, draw the eye up to his colleagues of the same genus, some to admire and others, something that never fails to criticize one another detail that does not conform with the purpose of their presence on the dugouts of the local ball teams.

Who are these girls, where they come from, what motivates them to dance for the audience in the stadiums, teams and sponsors why invest to wangle a pay service "excellent", according to them.

A challenge

"I want to clarify that we are role models to encourage dance and entertain the public, we do with respect and that we have taken as a personal challenge to overcome," said Paola Aristizabal, who has 18 years of age and modeling since she was 14.

He said he is first in the country and likes the environment and the respectful way that has been treated for baseball fans.

Paula Andrea Giraldo, a 21-year-old, who models from 19, said that despite this being his first experience as a dancer, the Dominican public response has been positive, rather than criticism, "what they have done is to encourage and make us feel super good. " He revealed that he had never danced, much less a baseball stadium, but also likes to dance, has not had trouble making the transition.

"We're super good. We like what we're doing, because it is a decent and fun and, above all, we are paid quite well, "he said.

Another dancer Colombia (Medellin), the Lions of the Chosen, is Sarah Jaramillo, veterinary doctor with 24 years of age, and is dedicated to model from 18.

He said he has a lot to the country and said that dancing is another challenge in his life, because it involves a lot of public pressure and responsibility.

For his part, Juliana Herrera, also of Medellín, Colombia has 18 years of age and said that, in addition to experiencing something new, what he liked most of all is what Dominicans are friendly and good relationship has been done with partners, within and outside of work.

Darla Pacheco, Puerto Rico 18 years of age, although modelode profession and dancing since she was 8, said that dancing to a large audience in a ball park is a new experience for her, which faced with responsibility and respect, especially because Local fans are quite demanding.

Yaderín Aquino Serrano (20 years) is the only Dominican in the group, is a model like the others and is also the first time that serves as a dancer.

He said he loves baseball as a child, because it is a family tradition and enjoys every time he steps to the dugout to amuse and entertain thousands of fans in stadiums.

"It was a matter of getting used to a large audience and I think we've done pretty well. It has also been a great experience for me because I had the opportunity to interact with girls of other nationalities, "said Aquino.

Real Madrid won in Copa del Rey

The Real Madrid, which had been deleted in the past two seasons by two teams of Segunda B (third division) in knockout phase of the Copa del Rey, ended Wednesday with the spell ranking to eighth defeating Murcia (5-1) .

The white team got the second leg in the Santiago Bernabeu stadium after being tied Murcia (0-0), another Segunda B team, seeking a miracle that managed the last two seasons for Real Union Irun and Alcorcón eliminating at Real Madrid.

For its part, Betis, leader of the second division, was the surprise by eliminating the Zaragoza 2-1. Round also went to Sevilla, who won 6-1 against Real Union Irun (3 rd division), Villarreal, who won 2-0 against Poli Ejido (3 rd division).

Atletico Madrid, who won 5-0 in field of the University of Las Palmas (3 rd division), passed despite draw at home (1-1). The Levante got rid of Xerez (II), despite losing 2-1 in his field, but it served the double value of away goals, having won the first leg 3-2.

Deportivo La Coruna in a matchup of first, eliminated Osasuna, winning 2-1, after the first leg match (1-1). For its part, the round went from Almeria to win at Real Sociedad.

Yankees in Lee Hunt

The general manager of the New York Yankees, Brian Cashman, traveled to Arkansas to meet with the pitcher Cliff Lee, the most sought after player in free agency, the AP said a person familiar with the situation.

Cashman was asked Tuesday by Lee's agent, Darek Brauneker, to meet 32 year old left-hander and his wife, the person said on Wednesday.

The person spoke on condition of anonymity because the Yankees and Lee made no announcement.

The meeting was an initial meeting to get to know the source said, and is not expected that the New York Yankees to tender left-hander until later.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Best Cuban Pitcher Retires

The star pitcher Pedro Luis Lazo, a Cuban baseball top winner with 257 victories, is removed from the mound with the bitter taste of defeat in the last FIBA Americas Championship in Puerto Rico.

"I never thought that my last official acts (with the team Cuba) would look like," lamented Lazo, who only threw one inning. Cuba lost to the Dominican Republic in the final.

Lazo said yesterday in an interview that "I've been pitching for 20 years, which is enough time." Pitcher 37 years participated in the two editions of the World Classic in four Olympics.

Yankees Owner in Cooperstown List

The late Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, appears in the list of 12 candidates for the Hall of Fame to be submitted to a vote on the veterans committee.

The Venezuelan Dave Concepcion, former shortstop for the Cincinnati Reds, is contained in the group.

Steinbrenner is in the list with Billy Martin, the former Yankees manager. Steinbrenner was the owner of the club in New York from 1973 until his death last July. Marvin Miller, former president of the players' union, listed, with players Vida Blue, Steve Garvey, Ron Guidry, Tommy John, Al Oliver, Ted Simmons and Rusty Staub.

Iverson Inked with Turkish Team

Allen Iverson arrived yesterday in Turkey to join the Besiktas fans and promised to "see something never seen before."

Dozens of fans were presented to Besiktas in Istanbul Ataturk Airport to greet the former NBA star.

Besiktas with a shirt and a cap of the Philadelphia 76ers, Iverson waved to fans from the car that took him to his hotel.

Iverson, who signed a two-year and four million dollars with Besiktas, has been a major signing in the Turkish league championships.

The American player (35 years) indicated that his move to Istanbul club is "an opportunity to revive my career," then that no NBA team is interested in providing contract this season.

It is expected that many NBA teams will be watching the performance and behavior of Iverson in Turkey.

Allen Iverson is confident that his experience in Europe will serve to return to play in the NBA.

Dominican Boxer Elio Rojas Recover from Injury

The recovery process will Elio Rojas Dominican boxer doing "very well", said their attorney, Tony Tineo.

According to Tineo, Rojas, currently the world champion in recess, could return to the ring early next year.

Rojas had surgery on his right hand on August 13 this year in the United States, next to a unification fight for the title with Yuriorkis Gamboa, which was suspended.

In its recently concluded convention, the World Boxing Council (WBC), which supports the Dominican Republic holds the title, decided to leave "as" a situation in which there is the featherweight belt, ie in recess.

Tineo said the doctor who was responsible for the operation of Rojas told the boxer can start hitting the proficient and within a month could do with a bag larger.

"Even the next week will receive a medical certificate to take to the World Council, realizing that Elio and is almost ready to begin their preparation for their return to the ring," he added. Rojas project could fight again no later than next March. "First we will try a soft defense, to then go to a big fight.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

NBA Coach against twitter

Stan Van Gundy believes that what is said on the field should stay on the court. The coach of the Magic yesterday expressed strong opposition to Charlie Villanueva, the Pistons, with "tweet" his exchange of words with Kevin Garnett.

Van Gundy said he "does not seem to handle the adult form," and that Villanueva has to act more like a "big man" and respond privately to Garnett.

"There are lots of things said on the court, and I'm sure in every sport there is a very competitive environment if it is discovered by the common people would find many of these inappropriate things," Van Gundy said.

Villanueva published on its Web site Twitter, @ CV31, Garnett this week called it "cancer patient" for the win on the road to the Boston Celtics over Detroit 109-86. Villanueva suffers from alopecia universalis, a medical condition resulting in hair loss. No hair on his head.

Garnett denied the charge and later released a statement that said Villanueva was his comment: "You are a cancer to your team and our league."

Van Gundy did not defend the comments Garnett, but, echoing the opinion of the coach of the Celtics, Doc Rivers, who was considered inappropriate for Villanueva reflected in your Twitter account. Van Gundy does not use Twitter.

"Like anyone, if we're offended by anything you say someone else, I think you can drive between two people," Van Gundy said. "I mean, he's on the court with Kevin Garnett, if he is not happy she must respond. Handle it the way you want, but handle it between you two. " "Twitter? I think not, "Van Gundy continued. "I'm from a different generation, do not get it."

Mercedes League celebrate 44 years

Mercedes Sports League admitted yesterday four persons for the support they have given to the activities of the entity within the week anniversary of the organization that today up to 44 years of existence.

The honorees thanked the gesture of the company and its president Luis Mercedes and highlighted the work of the league during his 44 years of existence for the benefit of children and youth of the Dominican Republic.

Red Machine Legend Died

Sparky Anderson, a manager who is in the Hall of Fame baseball and won consecutive titles in the World Series with Cincinnati and one with Detroit, died Thursday. He was 76.

Anderson died of complications from dementia, said family spokesman Dan Ewald. A day earlier, Anderson's family said he had admitted to a hospice.

Anderson was the first manager to win World Series titles in both leagues, and only leads to two franchises in victories.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

500 000 play soccer in Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has a platform of more than half a million people who play football and to meet this demand Dominican Football Federation just have to service an average of five, by province, about 160, in addition to providing particular service academies, schools, colleges, private clubs and leagues.

Although much of the country is courts, especially those cities that have been sites of the National Games, they also lack proper maintenance to prevent progressive deterioration such as the Olympic Stadium Felix Sanchez, Dominican main football facility that, like others, the FIFA (International Federation of Football Associations) has banned international matches present not having the minimum.

Among the provinces with soccer stadiums quoted Mao, San Francisco de Macoris, Moca, Santiago, La Vega, Barahona, San Juan de la Maguana, San Cristóbal, Bayaguana, San Pedro de Macoris, La Romana, Santo Domingo, National District, among others.

Horford resign with Atlanta Hawks

All-Star Dominican Al Horford, and his agent Arn Tellem, agreed yesterday to a contract for 5 years and 60.0 million dollars, with NBA team Atlanta Hawks whose business also includes incentives to player performance.

The parties had until today to negotiate and reach an agreement or Horford but would have become a restricted free agent next summer.

The Hawks and Tellem opening negotiations at the start of training camp, but there was little movement on the table as recently as two weeks ago. With the deadline so close, the two sides met this weekend and came to an agreement.

"It happened what was predicted," Horford said yesterday after practice. When we finally reached an agreement, I'm super excited. "

Horford's agreement is similar to the extension that did Florida University teammate, Joakim Noah, with the Chicago Bulls. Horford, the Hawks selected as the No. 3 pick in the draft 2007 and Noah was No. 9 for the Bulls.

"From the moment he arrived in Atlanta, Al has been a big part of our success," said general manager Rick Sund. "The winning tradition that brought the franchise as a rookie from Florida has been extended to three consecutive playoff seasons with the Hawks uniform."

Horford was eligible for an extension of five years and up to U.S. $ 82.0 billion in the terms of the current collective bargaining agreement, which expires in June. The final terms of the extension could be changed when the league and the players agree on a new collective agreement, but Horford would have a contract that must be honored.

"It's great to be able to reach this agreement for peace of mind," said Horford. "It was easy to get out and concentrate on basketball, it's my priority, for starters. So I'm happy about that part. "

World Baseball Series with low rating

The ratings of the just-concluded World Series on television matched the worst figure in history.

The victory of the Giants or the Texas Rangers averaged a rating of 8.4 points and a "share" of 14.

These numbers equal the lowest level in history, in the 2008 World Series between Philadelphia and Tampa Bay, which also was settled in five games and whose last game should be suspended and completed two days after rain.

The average audience fell 28% compared to 11.7 of "rating" and 19 share reported last year in the World Series New York Yankees beat Philadelphia.

The meeting where the Giants won it by winning 3-1 on Monday had respective numbers of 8.8 and 14, in "rating" and "share" on Fox

San Francisco averaged in the series figures of 35.3 and 61, while Texas was 30.9 and 48. The ratings represent the percentage of all homes with televisions tuned to a program where.

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