Friday, November 19, 2010

Americans Invest in Dominican Baseball Prospects

The New York Times says that the recruitment of young talent in baseball in the Dominican Republic has become a new form of investment in the United States has found in them a lucrative business that can obtain high fees once become stars.

The Times reported on its front page yesterday by a report that this new type of investment has become popular among many Americans of the baseball world and related to the Caribbean country, including the former partner of the Yankees, Steve Swindal, and former ambassador United States in the Dominican Republic, Hans Hertell.

With the help of so called "hustlers", aimed at finding young talent, or through the construction of baseball academies in the Dominican Republic, investors financed the training of young people from 13 years, mostly from poor families , says the newspaper.

In return, these investors agree to receive in some cases up to 50% of revenues once the athlete gets on major league baseball, a much higher percentage than the 5% who normally receive this type of investment in the U.S.

Some voices, like the international law professor at the University of Indiana, David Fidler, have been raised against this practice as it is alienating young people in elementary education from an early age.

According to Fidler said this journal, such investments also carry the risk of working with "hustlers" who often are involved in child trafficking.

That is one of the factors that generated fear among investors.

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