Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dominican Sports Cry Beras Goico's Death

The top leaders of the nation's sports, athletes and personalities, wept yesterday in the coffin of Freddy Beras Goico, who died early Thursday and will be buried today at Gate of Heaven Cemetery.

Felipe Payano, Minister of Sports; Luisin Mejía, Dominican Olympic Committee (COD) and Jose Joaquin Puello, president of COD Ad Vitam, agreed that Freddy was a titan in supporting the national sport.

Payano, Mejia and Puello Herrera, spoke in the presence of relatives of Beras Goico and hundreds of people marched through the Palace of Fine Arts to bid farewell to one of the largest and most notorious public figure.

Sports leaders recalled the contributions of Beras Goico.

Jay Payano said that Freddy was a full partner.

Luisin recalled that in 1997 when Mao's National Games Goicio Beras nearly died when he suffered a plane crash which also unharmed Santiaguito Frías and the pilot.

Puello Herrera, a longtime friend of Freddy, said he has been a blow to the sport.

He considered it as a major exponent of the 2003 Panamerican Games.

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