Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Iverson Inked with Turkish Team


Allen Iverson arrived yesterday in Turkey to join the Besiktas fans and promised to "see something never seen before."

Dozens of fans were presented to Besiktas in Istanbul Ataturk Airport to greet the former NBA star.

Besiktas with a shirt and a cap of the Philadelphia 76ers, Iverson waved to fans from the car that took him to his hotel.

Iverson, who signed a two-year and four million dollars with Besiktas, has been a major signing in the Turkish league championships.

The American player (35 years) indicated that his move to Istanbul club is "an opportunity to revive my career," then that no NBA team is interested in providing contract this season.

It is expected that many NBA teams will be watching the performance and behavior of Iverson in Turkey.

Allen Iverson is confident that his experience in Europe will serve to return to play in the NBA.

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