Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lebron Not Worried about Cleveland

LeBron James is already thinking about his return to Cleveland next week.

"How can I not [think about it]?" James said Friday before the Heat took on the 76ers. "It is going to be a real hostile environment, I know. It is going to be pretty intense."

Earlier this week, ESPN's Chris Broussard reported the Cavs were planning increased security measures and would remove signs or fans who were being excessively offensive to former Cavs star.

The team and the league have been working together to prepare for the game.

On Thursday, Cavs owner Dan Gilbert wrote on his Twitter account: "... Obviously no profanity, vulgar stuff [you] wouldn't want kids [to] see but we are not going [to] be the Gestapo."

James said he felt the Cavs and the NBA would take measures to keep all the players safe from what is expected to be an emotionally charged crowd at Quicken Loans Arena.

"I'm not concerned [about safety]," James said. "It is a good league and they do their best to try to make sure the players and the fans have a good time."

During his seven years with the Cavs, James was used to having numerous friends and family courtside for each game. That included his two sons, who are living with James' girlfriend in his hometown of Akron.

He said he's still deciding whether any family or friends will attend the game.

"It would probably be a good idea to keep my friends and family away," James said. "But it might be hard ... they want to see it too. We'll see."

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