Thursday, November 11, 2010

Leones del Escogido present the most beautiful dancers

"We're not dancers, we want you to know that we are professional models and we are just moving into another facet of our lives."

That remains the general of five of the beautiful girls Cheerleaders Chosen Lions Baseball Tournament Local Fall-winter.

Paola Aristizabal, Paula Andrea Giraldo, Sarah and Juliana Herrera Jaramillo, Colombia's four, along with the Puerto Rican and Dominican Darla Pacheco Yaderín Aquino, the girls are red, rhythmic movements which are causing a stir among fans of native winter ball.

In recent years it has become almost essential for teams to have dancers attractive to attract the gaze of thousands of fans who regularly attend the stadiums.

If these are foreigners get much more curious fans. This I know the organizers and sponsors, hence the predominance of foreign dancers in recent years.

The girls, more voluptuous and sensual, draw the eye up to his colleagues of the same genus, some to admire and others, something that never fails to criticize one another detail that does not conform with the purpose of their presence on the dugouts of the local ball teams.

Who are these girls, where they come from, what motivates them to dance for the audience in the stadiums, teams and sponsors why invest to wangle a pay service "excellent", according to them.

A challenge

"I want to clarify that we are role models to encourage dance and entertain the public, we do with respect and that we have taken as a personal challenge to overcome," said Paola Aristizabal, who has 18 years of age and modeling since she was 14.

He said he is first in the country and likes the environment and the respectful way that has been treated for baseball fans.

Paula Andrea Giraldo, a 21-year-old, who models from 19, said that despite this being his first experience as a dancer, the Dominican public response has been positive, rather than criticism, "what they have done is to encourage and make us feel super good. " He revealed that he had never danced, much less a baseball stadium, but also likes to dance, has not had trouble making the transition.

"We're super good. We like what we're doing, because it is a decent and fun and, above all, we are paid quite well, "he said.

Another dancer Colombia (Medellin), the Lions of the Chosen, is Sarah Jaramillo, veterinary doctor with 24 years of age, and is dedicated to model from 18.

He said he has a lot to the country and said that dancing is another challenge in his life, because it involves a lot of public pressure and responsibility.

For his part, Juliana Herrera, also of Medellín, Colombia has 18 years of age and said that, in addition to experiencing something new, what he liked most of all is what Dominicans are friendly and good relationship has been done with partners, within and outside of work.

Darla Pacheco, Puerto Rico 18 years of age, although modelode profession and dancing since she was 8, said that dancing to a large audience in a ball park is a new experience for her, which faced with responsibility and respect, especially because Local fans are quite demanding.

Yaderín Aquino Serrano (20 years) is the only Dominican in the group, is a model like the others and is also the first time that serves as a dancer.

He said he loves baseball as a child, because it is a family tradition and enjoys every time he steps to the dugout to amuse and entertain thousands of fans in stadiums.

"It was a matter of getting used to a large audience and I think we've done pretty well. It has also been a great experience for me because I had the opportunity to interact with girls of other nationalities, "said Aquino.

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