Monday, November 29, 2010

Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo Failed in Clasico against Barcelona

"Barca plays tiqui-taca more and more with us in order to get ahead faster," Ronaldo said before the game.

Counterpunch not counted that had to steal some balls and do it often. Would not have imagined that the party waiting in the rain you got a ball. Neither suspected that there are times when patience is more difficult to be brave.

And, lost his temper, eventually getting into trouble. It was when he got a pass and the ball went out just in front of the local bench.

Guardiola controlled the ball with great panache and took his foot to the hands. This technical movements to Cristiano got riled up, he used his pecs and triceps to push hypertrophic Guardiola, slight man, shook like a rag doll. Iniesta came, it almost takes a slap, and then Valdes.

There was an outbreak of melee and the referee Iturralde González, litigated with a yellow card for Cristiano.

The Camp Nou gave him a squeaky puff and sharp and he responded by asking and addressing the ball.

Faced as a man possessed.
Inside and the two bands. Alves hit against Abidal. Lost individual disputes. He pulled off a free kick, finished another play from 40 meters, and almost gets hand in hand with Valdes, but the keeper took the ball from him a slap.

More or less like Cristiano production ended in the sixth game of his career against Barca. With the same goals as before.

That is, none. And Mourinho hidden behind the bench for the first time since joining Madrid. Disappeared under the persistent song of the ruthless crowd: "Get off the bench, Mourinho!".

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