Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dominican Baseball Game is anuled

The League of Professional Baseball in the Dominican Republic yesterday overturned last game on day 7 between the Aguilas Cibaeñas and Leones del Escogido.

In a document addressed to the Escogido signed by the vice president of the entity, José Rafael Álvarez Sánchez, who served as acting president, states that under the terms provided for in Article 63 of Chapter XIV of the Constitution of the League, as chapter concerning the protests, "ordered the cancellation of the match held on 7 July. "

Further ordered that the game will take place again next day 22, where it is necessary to classify any of the teams involved, for "having entered the game player the Eagles team in violation of Regulations and Statutes. "

The failure of the League issued the request after seeing Escogido, the answers and the arguments of the arbitrators and the representative of the Eagles team.

"This League Baseball recognized that there is a clear violation of the Aguilas del Cibao to Article 18 of the rules for the national championship of professional baseball 2010-2011, which states that " any native or imported player may enter the game without being previously enrolled in offices of the League, to bring to the mound to pitcher Wilkins Arias not be increased or activated in accordance with Article 23, which determines its inclusion simply participate in writing the president of the League in good time. "

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