Friday, December 3, 2010

FIFA Chose Russia and Qatar for World Soccer Cups

FIFA sent World Cup to new horizons, to give Russia the 2018 tournament headquarters and Qatar for the 2022.

Selection of Russia came despite the absence of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, though his influence had an impact on voters of the 22 FIFA executive committee who chose him over England, Spain, Portugal and Holland-Belgium.

Qatar is the smallest country to host the World Cup and the first in the Middle East, but has an unmatched economic power. His candidacy overcame concerns about the desert heat and beat the United States 14-8 in the final round of voting.

United States and Australia were the favorites along with Qatar. Japan and South Korea also lost in the vote.

"We're going to new territory,''said FIFA president Joseph Blatter. Often criticized by conservative decisions, FIFA decided to go for Eastern Europe and the Persian Gulf rather than leave it safe with England and the United States, which both sport and commercial success guaranteed.

The decision will undoubtedly lead to controversy, especially after allegations of corruption that led to the suspension of two of the 24-member executive committee.

England was eliminated in the first round of voting in 2018, to get just two vote

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And I know exactly WHY Russia and Qatar won:

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