Thursday, December 30, 2010

Guillen's Son Against Reliever Jenks

Bobby Jenks
Oney,White Sox's son manager Ozzie Guillen lashed out at Bobby Jenks after Chicago's closer criticized his father.

Jenks, who last week signed a two-year contract with Boston Red Sox, told the website of Major League Baseball who was disappointed when the White Sox decided not to give a renewal.

    The pitcher said that now "I'm excited to play with a manager who does know how to drive a bullpen. "

    Oney Guillen Jenks branded as ungrateful in a series of messages in his Twitter account . In one of them wrote that Jenks "began to mourn the manager's office because he had problems (and) now speak of the salts (medium) even when the White Sox protected you for seven years. "

    In March, Oney Guillen gave up a position in the department of White Sox scouts, after the club was upset with some of his tweets. He had previously posted messages critical of general manager Ken Williams White Sox.

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